Latest update (October), not that great

Yeah, but I didn’t pay my 7 cents per hour one year from now, I payd it some months ago :wink: If you get my drift :wink: We are being slowly taught to accept that, it’s sad, and sad backwards is das, und das is nicht gut…

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That is the nature of games as a service. Again look at Sea of Thieves that is how it works in these sort of games. It is not like the old buy a game at a high price then the only new content is paid content. Research is the key to game buying today!

Also, this game is not EA, so kind of invalid arguments you have there.

Not so Sea of Thieves was not EA nor were any of the games I mentioned it is the very nature of the games as a service that MANY do what EA does is totally different from anything I mentioned.

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So I guess, personally, I’m disappointed with the service. One artist and one coder working on it for a month (as it feels) is not meeting my expectations as a player.

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The work displayed here is more than 1 artist and 1 developer worth of work.
As someone that is currently studying game development, the stuff Avalanche as made is mind-blowing for me sometimes.


nice, over 12 years in the business here, I disagree. All that does not matter tho.
It’s cool you are happy with the game, I’m not, your happiness doesn’t cancel my feeling of disappointment. Hate to pull out the crappy argument here, but the amount of players and the fact I get connected to the very same person over and over again by the “awesome” match making, constantly. Tells me you are in minority…

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Well let’s be positive, at least it’s not Fallout 76. :smiley:


Or anthem :rofl::eyes:


If you are not happy with the game quit and go play another game.

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To clarify its not that i think people shouldn’t be happy with the game if they are. And sure, maybe i didn’t voice my complaints in the best of ways by cussing and being harsh. But my criticism comes from a point of love not hate, anyone that’s watched me cover this game over the year can vouch that. But if we sit idly by and don’t show that these things are hurting the player base then nothing will change and these issues could remain for the foreseeable future. As well i think my request for transparency is key here outside of everything else. If something is hard to fix, tell us. If you don’t/can’t do something we’ve wanted then tell us, the real fans will stick by and support this game even if something we want isn’t possible, or will take time. But leaving us in the dark on these key issues is where the real damage is done to peoples trust and faith in this games ongoing development.


I agree with you tene. More transparence would be greate. They should fix/improve the stuff we are complaining for month and with wich we have comtact very often:

  1. Inventoy (the same bad system as in the beginning)
  2. Plundra
  3. Aiming/mouse sensivities (only for pc users)
  4. Remove the “stack ammo in the weapon” system
  5. Show ammo types in the hud and let us switch them by pressing a key
  6. Granates/emp cells still stick to our handy (happend to me yesterday like in tenes video)
  7. Reduce the delay between weapon switches.
  8. Remove the delay that avoids switching weapon after aiming down sight (if you aim with your weapon and stop holding the aim button the weapon goes back in the hip fire position. During this animation you can not switch weapons or other items)
  9. Reload bug
  10. Weapon switching bug

Those fixing/improving are essential for a shooter with that amount of loot and they should do this as soon as possible!


People post on forum and make videos because they like the game in general, but unhappy with some details. Those who don’t like won’t tell anyone, just quit playing and that’s it


Those were the days!

In GZ, we fortunately haven’t seen big changes, but I’ve played enough MMOs to hate the idea of things in the existing areas (rather than new DLC areas) changing after the fact.

Now, this is a great game (minus the bugs), and a gorgeous world (well, the landscape and the bots, anyway, the people and houses less so), and I’d be quite open to buying island DLC later.

But as it stands, you now finish the game and have all the good gear, and then when you come back a few months later, and suddenly your gear’s devalued and there’s new stuff on the old isles and they’ve negated your sense of completion.
You had a sense of achievement, now it’s gone.
That is not just a terrible and hostile way of doing things, it’s also entirely unnecessary:

Suppose you want to add new content.
Use one of the auxiliary islands. The island has a lab for experimental bots. This justifies different and/or harder bots right out of the door. One of the differences is that the fancy bots have shields. Unless you get the new fancy (shield-breaking) weapons to match them, the enemies are extremely tough.
So then:

  • there is an excuse to grind new gear (“6 star”, if you like)
  • it is very necessary in the new region
  • since its new effect is to break the shields which bots on the old isles don’t have, the new weapons are exactly as strong as 5 star weapons in the old areas
  • you now have a reason to grind new gear without devaluing existing 5 star gear; those who don’t care about the DLC still have what they worked for, the best gear for the area they play in. If you buy the DLC, you buy it because it sounds fun, not because you feel you’ve got to keep up with the Joneses.

That way, you can extend the game, without making players who don’t want a particular DLC resentful by devaluing what they worked for. Such a simple way to give those who want more GZ more GZ, wile respecting everybody else.

As weird as it sounds,
I honestly wish they’d stop giving us free stuff already.

By all means, fix the bugs.
But other than that, I’d honestly prefer to have the game I originally bought. That was good enough for me to fork over $$$; changing it after the fact fortunately didn’t result in MMO-level bait-and-switch, but I would’ve been just fine without the bikes, the rivals, challenges, what not. Why not leave well enough alone?

Speaking for myself, I write much nicer reviews on the high of “I finished it, and it was quite a ride!” than I do on, “I finished it and hung around for a string of lukewarm micro-updates until I resented the whole sordid business enough to finally leave.”

Is it really worth antagonizing your playerbase with a stream of low quality busywork (as opposed to higher quality paid-for DLC “when it’s ready”) just so some fool doesn’t write a “zomg multi-player is dead!” review?


IDK I sort of have a love/hate thing going on with games as a service. Some games like this & Sea of Thieves do it well others like Fallout76 & COTW fall short IMO. That all said Games as a service allow for small teams at AA & A studios a chance to compete, stay afloat & create at a fair pace in the marketplace & it lets gamers pick of AAA & AA class games at a lower buy-in price. I love the last three updates for this game even though I have balance concerns when it comes to the new experimental weapons…

As for the sense of accomplishment for me that does not go away with new challenges I still accomplished X but now I have a new challenge & new goals…

I’m not convinced they did it well.
But, different people like different things, and that’s fine for the most part.

Personally, I like the idea of content creators being able to let go. These additions to me feel like George Lucas coming back to change it so Han didn’t shoot first. :smiley: You’ve released it. Let it go. :wink:

But let’s get away from the subjective for a moment. Consider Challenges. Shoot 500x+1000y+250z. Now you may or may not enjoy it, but it can’t be denied that it’s objectively busywork; cheap, low-quality content.

I’m not sure what you’re saying here. They’ve already delivered the product. And yet, they still invest development time into free changes, beyond the obligatory bug fixes. What’s the incentive, in your opinion? On one hand I see “trick people into spending some more time in the game so it’ll look busier to the co-oppers.” On the other hand I guess I wonder whether a nominal update and a new icon (“Update: bikes”) makes it easier to get the game back on the Steam frontpage? So that the visibility might increase sales, where the update itself would not? (I mean, no one’s going to say, “I wasn’t going to buy the game, but now that they added bikes, I will!”, are they?) :smile: Would love to hear your thoughts (and those of others working in the industry if they care to pitch in) on this.

ETA I guess a nominal update and accompanying news item would also generate a ping on the radar of those who were Following the game on Steam, and perhaps nudge them to reconsider buying?

I did research & waited and TBH loved the 80’s single speed bikes & clothing packs it did make a difference as these things have in SoT with players sales of this game & that have gone up as content changed…Many games as a service products 6-12 mths down the road have been able to raise their price because of the new content COTW continues to add free content while selling small priced DLC’s sales of that game continue to rise even though it was more broken than GZ on release & still has broken Achievements, maps and so much more. Do not know what else to say here other than read up on how the model works & why with smaller studio’s it works so well.

Again I am on console (Xbox) where these sort of games are VERY successful I can not speak to steam & have no clue as to if their “front page” has anything to do with any global metrics…sorry.

Take care and have a great day.

Sorry, must’ve missed that. I conversely know pretty much exactly Zero about consoles. :smile:

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LOL…Yea I play WoT on Console & people talk to me about the PC game and my eyes glaze over…I bet you have the same when people talk console…lol. Anyway cheers & take care.

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I’m a new player (free weekend + purchased yesterday) and while I didn’t watch the video (at work) I feel the rivals update is the only reason I purchased the game. While the game is cool and I did enjoy playing for a few hours, it was only until I found out about the rivals/experimental weapons that I decided to keep playing and purchase it. The experimental weapons are really cool and def adds more carrot to the stick to keep playing to find them all.

I do realize there’s not that many of them, but it def indicated where the game was heading so I wanted to support that and I REALLY hope the continue to add more and new/bigger/tougher machines.

In terms of stability it seems the game runs more stable on my PC than others. It’s not perfect, but in like 15 hours I had 1 crash and got stuck on geometry once (which is easily fixed by just fast traveling).