Leading the charge

SO. As Xezr has said, the off topic here has too many on-topic topics. We need to de topicize all the topics in the off topic so that the topics can be topics that are topics off topic. Topic. Alas, I’d like to ask people to put their on topic topics in the General Discussions. Unlike I did. MIGHT OFF TOPIC BECOME ONE WITHOUT A TOPIC!


Congratulations this post is officially offtopic.

My off topic response is in response to your topic, so is that a topical response or off topical.

Wait this means my response is on topic rather off topic which implies than it’s topical and if so then must not be injested and applied topically. Yet if it were off topic than it should be injested as per the rules of topical applications.

Maybe someone can clarify if this is in fact on topic or off topic.

Topic Off.

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Confused screaming

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mentally diesun dies … My brain can’t handle this information.

Please, can you all hold the off topic a bit more on topic.
Think it slips a bit off topic now!

Look at the topic and please inform us how it’s off topic. If you can explain how a topical conversation could possibly be off topic than maybe that should be the new topic. Now I still don’t know if this topic can be applied topically. That’s a topic I would to understand.

I’ve tagged the thread as off-topic. Y’know, in case it wasn’t clear already.


Thank you very much! It’s good that everything will be all cleared up.

I am both proud of this and scared for my life.

The topic of this topic has been off topic over the last 2 topics.

Well you see, the point of off topic is to be off topic, so that lends itself to randomness, even if the topic was sophisticated, like one about holidays, or something (idunno, don’t @ me) However, the topic of this off topic is to be off topic, so in a sense, it is on topic with anything anyone says, so long as it’s not about Gen Zero.

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You’re not the only one, trust me.

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Do’h, that was a close one…

You almost slip into topic there on your last words!

Oh, thanks! I’ll make sure to watch myself next time!

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But the topic of this topic is being off topic, right? So any topic other than this topic would be off topic and thus be flagged as such. e.g. OFF TOPIC

But you see, if there’s any off topic in this topic, the topic has achieved its intended goal, there for having off topic topics, so it’s an endless paradox of being eternally off and on topic at the same time.

This topic is so off topic I’m scared the off topic ness will become self sentient. Oh dear