Let's talk about gas + gas masks

What makes the hunter spam of late so unbearable is the artillery bombardment they will rain down on you from who knows where (too much range and too accurate even without line of sight). What’s worse, it’s gas mortars. That’s literally a war crime. Of course a gas mask won’t save you…from gas…if only we had a mask that filtered out poisonous gas, like some kind of gas-mask (dripping with sarcasm). The fact that we can only mitigate gas damage down to 70% is very problematic if we should expect to regularly come up against it en masse in combat. A mask should at least cut the gas damage in half, with the chemist perk cutting it another 25% or more. Right now gas masks are about as effective as trying to use a bandanna to filter out the gas. If you insist on giving players such impotent protection early on, then you might as well give us a bandanna to start with instead of a gas mask , and then later we get the mask that provides an adequate level of protection. The lack of handy way to don our gas masks without going into our menus is also an issue when we are busy running for our lives.

On a tangentially related note, I think that the entire IGA area (except inside buildings) should be covered in a thick fog of poison gas. make us wear our gas masks for the entire mission. The reason I say this is because we get a piece of lore at one point where someone at IGA is calling for help because of the robot attack and they say something along the lines of “one stray bullet andy this entire place will be covered in poisonous gas.” I think that this would just make that mission a little bit cooler and more memorable.

Edit: I forgot to mention the mechanic of holding your breath while aiming. You should also be able to do that while not scoped. It would have two uses outside of aiming: preventing gas damage and making you harder to detect when enemies are nearby.


You’re not wrong.

I mean, the idea with the gas is that it still causes some nasty tissue damage to exposed skin, which is a real thing, but probably doesn’t apply with the stuff we’re encountering. However, if it were full immunity, it would make certain situations much more memorable.

I just think that 30% immunity isn’t nearly good enough. If they added a full set of hazmat gear that, when all worn together, gave full immunity to gas, then I wouldn’t have such an issue with the masks. while im aware of the effects that poison gas has on skin, that damage isn’t life threatening, the danger with breathing in caustic gasses is that they chemically burn the inside of your lungs, making it impossible for tour blood to pick up oxygen to carry to the rest of the body. You would die just as fast by gas as you would from any other type of asphyxiation.

Yeah, and that’s the thing. According to the text pickups, the stuff we’re seeing isn’t, really caustic. It’s not even lethal. It induces a non-responsive state, but it doesn’t actually kill you.

That would be a neurotoxin, which typically need to be ingested, injected, or inhaled to have an effect.

There should be 2 types of gasses.

  1. Tear gas - while non lethal, in game mechanics it should blur your vision, slow you down or any number of non lethal effects

  2. CC gas - the could be caustic and burn skin and do health damage

I agree with the comments: the mad skills & protective gear are all but useless.

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The gas masks in this game is a bit of a passive interest of mine. They’re on my List of Bugs, and I’m still trying my best to discern if the damn things work at all. I tried it out yesterday at a bunker with yellow gas, I’ve got the Chemist Perk, and I walked into the gas. It ticked down at roughly 1 HP per second, sometimes resisting the damage.

Then I equipped a gas mask and walked back in, and it ticked down at the exact same pace. What gives?

@SunCrusher There are two types. The gas Hunters fire with their grenades, and the yellow caustic gas. It’s never explained if the gas mask (or the perk) resists both, though.

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Gas masks should provide almost complete defense against gas, but deteriorate with use as the filter becomes spent.

There’s two damage types, also. Gas and poison (I think.) The Apocalypse Runners and Ticks deal the latter. Not sure if the gas is supposed to be one or the other. Also found a broken canister of Apocalypse goo in the Archipelago. Don’t know what kind of damage that deals, but it doesn’t have the DoT effect that the Apoc Runners and Ticks deal.

I think the toxic damage Apocalypse Machines do is radioactive.

Could be. I mean, the runners are firing DU rounds, IIRC.

As far as I know the apoc runners’ smg is just descrived as “contaminated”, but when you are hit it flashes a biohazard symbol next to your health bar, not a radiation tricorn, so I doubt it’s radiation damage. There are byproducts of nuclear refinement and processing that are not only radioactive, but also toxic. My guess is that it is these byproducts that are being used to poison us based on the copious amounts of radioactive waste found in the hellmouth bunker.

In this post I was specifically referring to the gas found in the base game without the alpine unrest DLC.

The apocalypse class mechs got added into base game the same time AU released.

I actually like the idea that I had about a full set of protective gear. If each piece (head, jacket, pants, boots, and gloves) have you an additional 20% resistance then the full set would make you completely immune, which it should. As a trade off it could be bright yellow. In addition to making players look like a giant banana this could increase players’ visibility to enemies. Let’s say each piece increases visibility by 10%, adding up to a max of a 50% increase so that even with the stealth perks at max you can’t quite cancel it out entirely.

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Gas resistance…and everything else that has a so called resistance perk needs to seriously be looked into. I’ve just picked up all the clothing schematics, and had a moment of reflection when in the crafting station.

I mean…how are the scales balanced here? What’s the specifics to the “perk”

  • With 1% Bullet Resistance - using basic percentages your telling me that out of 100 shots, 1 of them will not connect?

  • With 1% Fire Resistance - I spare myself 1 second of burn time during 1:40 of burning alive?

  • With 1 % Explosion Resistance - I take 1% less shrapnel…you get the idea.

It’s not enough, it’s just not worth the effort for what you get back in return. And complete flip side to this, is that the experimental helmet which clearly shows a vision module attached to it has no perk attached to it at all! Genuine bitter sweet to see an item like this thinking " that’s got to be a rare find with a module in a helmet " only for it to be no more than design.

And finally yes, Gas Masks. If in 1914, scientists could design a mask that can combat mustard gas during the war - then I’m sure the Swedish can develop one in the 80’s to provide more protection to the one currently available.

Speaking of gas, here’s devs explanation why gas mask doesn’t give you immunity, at 00:36:03,
link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/554470149?filter=archives&sort=time

I would love to see more specialized clothing, for more than just style. Wearing camouflage should decrease your visibility and wearing a helmet should give you some damage protection for example. In addition to my previously suggested hazmat suit, it would also be cool to see things like a firefighter set that grants a majority of fire resistance (say ~80% for the full set), a riot police set (maxing out at ~40% bullet resistance), and a bomb squad set (~50% blast damage resistance).

In a real war the use of poison gas is a war crime. They also mentioned that gasses get into your body through your mucus membranes, but those are all on the inside of your body, protected by the mask. Unless the gas is is getting in through your gaping anus then there is no risk of lethal injury. While it is true that many early poison gasses such as chlorine gas and mustard gas react with skin, modern poison gasses like sarin gas are neurotoxins that target the nervous system through the blood stream, meaning that is has to get to a place where our body exchanges the gasses in the blood. The only place like that in our bodies is the lungs. It’s also worth mentioning that mustard gas rarely killed it’s victims. It would cause the skin to blister which would be very painful and make infection a near certainty. Even with 1980s medicine, the use of antibiotics was widespread and would make dying of infection from an open wound (the most common cause of death in WWI) basically a non-issue.

There is no war. What there is, is occupation by machines and resistance (or assistance :thinking:) by player char.

As far as gases go, your examples all are based on real life gases. However, the gases used in game aren’t the same as were/are used in real life.

What concoction is used to make up the green gas - that is unknown. But concoction of yellow gas is explained in the game, in one of the missions.

Description of yellow gas (spoiler alert)