Letter from the Development Team - September 6th


Happy Friday folks! Here’s another “Letter from the Development Team”. https://generationzero.com/en/blog/news-from-the-team-september-6th

Storage Expansion

Thanks for the update!

I would recommend you not to increase the size of plundra until it’s be evaluated more. If/when you release additional equipment a size change could be motivated. To large plundra will remove a big part of the game mechanics.

The possibility to arrange stuff in the inventory and manage the plundra contents at the same time would be much appreciated.

Happy development!


Having said that, there are Safe Houses and Bunkers. I’d certainly support a much larger storage area in bunkers whilst maintaining the smaller storage in sheds and shacks, though i understand this would involve coding for two different storage boxes . I don’t think it’d be hard though as it’d be like Minecrafts two types of chest: Ender chest V wooden chest. The Ender chest is essentially what we currently have, sharing contents, whilst the wooden chest equivalent would not. Meaning if you wanted an item you’d need to go back to that location and retrieve it. Essentially it’d be like dropping items and they don’t disappear. The wooden chest, only in bunkers, would have much greater storage capacity.


Still no fix for the Fashionista trophy? May I suggest you delete that trophy if it is too much of a problem to fix?


A fix for Fashionista was released recently, check out this thread where it’s explained further.


Hmmm, just what is plundra?


Swedish for pillage, or looting.


Yes, increase Plundra storage, maybe to 250 to start - and number count per item on slot space is also - superb.

I’d also like attachments to flash over appropriate gun type also while in plundra - and for god sake please catalogue the storage into Ammo, Explosives, Health, then equipment or something to that effect - maybe colour coded etc.


Or you could just provide an endless supply of all ammo types at all safe houses. Sorry, that was ironic … I’m not a fan of a larger Plundra. But I support the other ideas.


I wouldn’t call that a fix for those who already collected 300+ items since launch.


Hopefully September patch to fix previous unlocked items


Gentlemen, ladies, come on…
If you need storage, you have it far too easy.
Or… you’re duping.


It’s what we’ve got, for now. They said they’re working on it for the September Patch, what more do you want?


I agree more/larger storage would be a true dumbing down of the game & take away from the looting/survival/planning aspects of the game.


IMHO (note, in my humble OPINION) they should remove the stash boxes from the barns again…
But that is me.


I think having them in the Command Bunkers makes sense having them in some other locations as well. Though I am personally not a fan of expanding them I do like them at the level they are now. I had to dump some weapons early on that I would have liked to get the feel of better. These enable players to do just that. The AG-5 and .44 are examples I now am getting a feel for them since I can store the others…If all that makes sense to anyone other than me. BTW…Like you everything I write is my opinion…lol.


Excuse me, I fail to get why you had to dump weapons?
Your base inventory has plenty -if not too much already- space?
I mean, what precisely had you on you so you had to dump weapons?

RN my inventory is full as well, but only with med packs and ammo, radio (walkie-talkie), base stuff I actually use.

Note, I play wit the hardcore mod now (not true, RN I play Greedfall) which has limited space.
It is a somewhat good step in the right direction, but still not scary/hard enough.

We need few more machines, about 20’000 would do. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, keep the storage box capacity at 100 i reckon. Otherwise it’ll just end up too easy to store everything you get. I usually sit around 70-85 items in the storage box, and even then there’s probably a good 20-30 things in it i’d never likely use anyway…


Personally, I don’t think there is a need to increase the storage, but that’s down to the way I play. I don’t store everything, as I don’t horde things I don’t or will ever use. As far as i’m concerned though, storage can have 100 slots or 1000 slots, it’s all optional, no one is forcing me to use the storage and the way I play wouldn’t be affected by having more slots in storage.


Might I suggest that you focus also on fixing the story mission issues. The “Enemy of My Enemy”, “A Wrench In The Works” and “Behind The Curtain” Missions are not showing up for me. And It states that I have completed all war boards… This should be given top priority. This is also after the recent patch.