Letter from the Team - April 23rd

Hello everyone, and hope you’re ready for another update!

We were all pleasantly surprised to see the great reception of the recent video reveal for the incoming Resistance Update. The amount of views, and more importantly, fun everyone has been having dissecting each segment of the trailer has gotten us excited all over again. There’s quite a bit of fun stuff incoming this year for Generation Zero, and with that comes more complexity to what we’re building.

That being said, the more advanced the new systems are the higher the risk something might break, which is why there is always a chance such an update becomes a mixed bag of news. To get straight to the point, we are unfortunately facing delays. We made the conscious choice to push the release back to address some certification issues that arose on Xbox, and we’re still working to iron those out. The good news is, we have solutions well within our grasp and in our sight. Luckily, these are not as deeply seeded bugs as we’ve seen in past releases, only outlier certification issues.

So what does this mean for you all in the Gen Z community? When are you going to get your hands on the next update? Well, it’s not too far off from when we initially wanted to release it into the wild. We managed to secure the release for both Steam and Playstation for May 4th. So, not so far off from our original date! Unfortunately, this means that those who are playing on Xbox will have to wait a little bit longer while we go through another round of certification. This should have the release landing later in may on Xbox if all goes well!

We’ve always appreciated the patience this community has had with the development process, and are also grateful for your continued engagement, which allows us to connect with you all regularly. Keep a close eye on our social channels in the coming days, as we will continue to discuss the situation there.

If you’ve been with us for a while you know that the world of Generation Zero has changed quite since launch. With the incoming update, the world will keep on evolving and we want to give you a little sneak peek at what’s waiting for you once you get the chance to visit the updated Östertörn.

As those of you with a sharp eye might notice, there are quite a few changes to the scenery there. Can you pinpoint them all?

Now for something even more exciting! Not only will the Resistance Update be available in May, it will also be accompanied by a brand new DLC that will bring you some sought after weapons from the East - the Soviet Weapons Pack! Included in the pack, you will find legendary weapons: the Kotenok Sniper Rifle, the AT-WAD Assault Rifle and the RLG-7 Rocket Launcher. We’ll be looking closer at those during the next week. это будет дико!

Thank you all again, and have a great weekend!

-The Generation Zero Team


About time for that DMR, but “kitten”? srsly? It has it’s established nicknames no less ridiculing.
“Val”, well, it’s features are high accuracy, integral supressor and powerful heavy ammo. In close combat may outperform G3. But ammo is subonic and heavy - hence, only in close combat or expect huge drop.
RPG as old as CarlG, but what ammo it’ll bring along? That’s where rilvaly begins.

Oh and district looks like NW Ostervik, a bit west of church.

Great news. I love to scout and sniff out all the changes. :+1:

-The parking spots are not roofed any more, i think.
-The tent on the roof.
-And I think some hedges are missing too around the courtyard
-Something Burning (runner?) at the traffic sign, which also shifted to the left.
-Blue Truck on the road
-Dead machine (hunter) near sidewalk
-Concrete barrier next traffic sign
-more parked cars on the left
-big boulder might be gone, but can’t it good enough.


Time to create a Russian themed character :laughing:


Wow! This is awesome! Didn’t see that weapon pack coming, and the weapons look great! I already have a feeling that new sniper rifle might become one of my new favorite weapons! If it performs the way I imagine it does. :star_struck:

I can wait another week. Heck, I don’t even have time to play every week… :wink:

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Those new weapons gave me a flashback from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Nice additions, finally an RPG7!
I hope the update will be a success.


Why does PC have to wait for an update because of Xbox?

Err. It’s not. The PC and PS4 versions are coming on the 4th May and there is no date for the Xbox version.

Yes they’re late. But it’s not like they’re waiting until the Xbox version is fixed.

I wonder if this will include 3 new ammo types added to the game?

The RLG-7 surely must get it’s own ammo.
The Kotenok uses a caliber similar to the current 7,62 mm, but that would perhaps be too over abundant for a hunting/sniper rifle class weapon?
And the AT-WAD’s (IRL) 9x39 mm cartridge don’t really match with anything we currently have, so I bet we’ll see a new ammo type here as well.

Exciting! :slightly_smiling_face:


“Kotenok Sniper Rifle” is SVD aka Dragunov Dragunov sniper rifle - Wikipedia but funny “Kotenok” means kitten in Russian :slight_smile:
imo it’s valuable addition, but a bit 2 years too late. The game lacks middle-ground semi auto sniper riffle. PVG is loud, you cannot use is for stealth play, and hunting riffles have only 4-5 bullets bolt action. It feels like something like SVD should’ve been there in the first place


While it’s sad that base building was delayed, it wasn’t pushed too much into the future. Only a week. :slight_smile: Also, it’s great news that we get yet another set of new weapons to play with. :grin: This time, USSR weapons DLC.

Speaking of new weapons, these seem to be based off:
Kotenok Sniper Rifle - Dragunov sniper rifle - Wikipedia (aka SVD)
AT-WAD Assault Rifle - AS Val - Wikipedia
RLG-7 Rocket Launcher - RPG-7 - Wikipedia

Looking their real-life counterparts, we get at least 2 new ammo types as well. :thinking: 9x39mm for AT-WAD and new set of warheads for RPG. And while SVD does fire 7.62mmx54, i doubt devs would make another ammo type for it. Most likely, devs keep the current 7.62mm for it as well.

What interests me, is their usage. :thinking: If devs have kept their real-life functions, then:

  • AT-WAD comes with built-in silencer and very high fire rate (equal to current HP5).
  • RPG most likely is better against harvs/tanks, while having less AoE explosion (to differentiate it from m/49). It also seems to have a functional scope on it, indicating better and accurate target hits.
  • SVD would be 1st sniper rifle that uses abundant 7.62mm and it’s 10x round clip makes it more effective than current .243 and .270 sniper rifles. But it may have less damage per bullet, to balance it.

Glad of the update, must confess I skim read the post as not to spoil the surprise when this drops, as in new locations and areas, Russian weapons looks awesome really looking forward to that, just on my perspective PS5 boost or enhancements would add to the already much improved performance on the PS5 …looking forward to the year ahead also thank you Devs!!!:+1::+1::+1:

I’m still curious why the PC build that is ready for deployment, is being delayed.

Probably, because they want the update to hit all platforms simultaneously. It’s more fair that way.


Even though, generally, console users tend to be younger, I don’t think anyone is going to create a fuss.
I’d rather get the PC patch out ASAP and get to bug fixing.
Either way, I look forward to it :upside_down_face:

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I’d love to see the demographic data for GZ across all formats. It gave me a bizarre moment when I realised that at 47, I was actually the youngest person in the party; with the player ages ranging from 47 to 68.

This was on Xbox btw.

My normal party of players range from 37 to 49. And these are players I’ve met through playing Generation Zero with randoms. Our paths never crossed before.

But back to why delay it. Where in that statement does it say the PC version is ready to go? It says they managed to secure a release on Steam for the 4th May. (Steam does still have limited certification process.)

Tbh. after the frustration felt by PS4 owners waiting 6 months for FNIX Rising while PC, and later Xbox owners had it ahead of them I would have thought they’d have waited and launched them all together tbh.

I play on PC and Xbox so if I want, I could pick it up but I’d personally rather it was delayed and launched across all formats together.


We made the conscious choice to push the release back to address some certification issues that arose on Xbox

It’s quite clear from this statement that PC and PS are good to go.

Staggered releases among platforms are quite common and it hasn’t brought down an apocalyptic end to the gaming world.

The FNIX Rising being released to PC was the absolute right call. Who in their right (business) mind would force a 6 month wait for no good reason? To be “fair” is not a good reason. What is fair, is Avalanche Studios getting that DLC income 6 months sooner. :slight_smile:

Even if it’s not based on reality, I could image they reuse 9mm SMG ammo for the Val and 7.62mm for the Dragunov, but I really wonder how they’d handle the RPG…

I think the PC and PS versions WAS 100% good to go but I don’t think they are anymore because a problem occurred on XBOX. So what would delay PC and PS? I think extra checks, if a problem was on XBOX it might be on the other versions as well, so I think they are just delaying to check that no problems are present. I am actually a bit glad that they check the update for problems before releasing it.


Last time it was the PS4 version the one being delayed.
And in fact when the Xbox version of Fnix rising was available it did indeed come with problems.
So let´s have our fingers cross that the same won´t happen again :crossed_fingers: .

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