Letter from the Team - July 16th

As seeing it being very similar to the current Emote wheel, i’d say that once weapon wheel is up, you can’t move at all.

Also, i assume that there is another, new, keybind, to bring up the weapon wheel.

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Probably if as you said it is similar to the emote wheel. But still, being able to see is still a great change for us people on console instead of having to flurry around in our inventory for 10 seconds while being shot.

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Based on what i see on promotional images, assigning weapons/items to the hotbar/weapon wheel is still done within Inventory. But the weapon/item switch is done outside of the inventory, with that thing plastered on your screen, blurred vision, and most likely without being able to move either.

All-in-all, that means you can equip up to 8 items at once (if slots aren’t predefined) but weapon/item switch, when using the weapon wheel, hinders the gameplay. Since at current moment, all players can switch weapons/items on the run. But with weapon wheel, minimum you’ll get is blurred vision, while worst would be not being able to move.

For PC users, that weapon wheel can be bypassed with hotkeys. For controller (console) users, that weapon wheel could be the only way to switch weapons/items.

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Maybe because you do a lot of close-up fights where more types of weapons have better results? I do most of the pre-fight from afar, very often the hunters that are coming to get me do not get close enough, before I have killed them all. Especially if I use the kotenok with shock ammo.

It will be nice to have access to more than 3 weapons at a time, if done right that is.

The waepon wheel looks promessing. I often run in situations where I would like to have more than 4 Item slots or a 3ed main weapon slot for the rocket launcher.
I have only two hopes
First: being abel to walk while holding down the wheel button
Sedond: I really really hope that the issue with the ignored user commands is going to be fixed with this feature. (I made a report about it How to improve GZ as a FPS)

I like the way the weapons are now, but whatever.

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Ah yes I forgot about that we have soviet guns now don’t we? I will have to try them out when the update drops.

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Weapon wheels are totally overrated… :confused:

My 2 Ct.


ykw, i might save alot of storage uninstalling gz now, game is absolutely amazing, but the wait has been hella long for us Xbox players.

im kinda dissapointed on these issues, due to the fact that every other platfrom doesnt have these issues i cant think what would make it impossible for xbox to have this game. but ik u guys r working hard, but if the game doesnt have the update by September i might call it quits for me on this game.

Hope the issues do get resolved and hope gz does well in the future.

Xbox players will be here waiting for u GZ :+1:t4:


Why don’t other platforms have these problems?

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I would guess the different hardware and software leads to different issues.
Either that or Microsoft cert stopped it for bugs that they deemed needed to be fixed, while Sony did not.


All platforms work differently and with Xbox its been some multiplayer issues thats been really hard to work out :C


Still waiting! :grinning: It must be really annoying having to push back further updates to spend these last 2 months sorting out us on x box. Hopefully it wont happen again!


Um… not a lot is going to be happening in August.


Yeah, me on other platform, really hope they can solve the X-box problems quickly, and get everything back on track to a contentful future for everyone. :+1: :coffee:


With FNIX Rising, there were multiplayer issues with PS4. Now, with Resistance update, same multiplayer issues but on Xbox? Strange. :thinking: Did Micro$oft change something in their Xbox multiplayer setup?

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What is the answer of this question ?

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I think I speak for a good majority of the XBOX community here, even though we are obviously sad that the release of the resistance update has been delayed multiple times, we are happy to see that you really care, and that you don’t want to release a half finished, buggy version that needs to be updated constantly, so thank you, and we hope we get the update soon but we will be patient untill that time. - Christopher


I’m sorry to be a bugger on it . I do play on xbox and it had been a while since july 16th update is everything going allright with the game and everything? I love the game so much killing reapers on playing gurrila is my favorite thing to do kinda easy to do now since I figured the routine they have lol