Letter from the Team - March 12th

Hey Everyone - It’s Friday, and we’re back with a new letter from the Team!

The end of March is a very special time for Generation Zero, and we’re already starting to warm up for our 2nd anniversary that will take place on the 26th of March. To spice things up a bit this year, we’ve made sure that the entire week will be something special (and maybe sparking) for you players.

Generation Zero turning two is a huge milestone for us, but also a great opportunity for us to show you a bit of the future for the game and in which direction we are going. And do we have something to show you! Now, we’re not gonna spoil it just yet, so stay with us until the end of the month to know what’s up next. We assure you, it’s worth the wait!

In the last letter, we shared two new weapons with you, the N79 Grenade Launcher and the Molotov Cocktail, and we’ve gotten some excellent and inspiring feedback from you. To continue on this path, we’ve progressed nicely with these weapons and we’ve now got an animation for the Grenade Launcher that we want to show you! Check it out below and leave a comment on our social channels on what you think about it.

Until next time make sure to check out our social media channels for any updates and remember that the Generation Zero Stream has moved to the Systemic Reaction channel at twitch.tv/SystemicReaction, or youtube.com/SystemicReaction!

-The Generation Zero Team


Nice animation although I’d really love to see the char hold the weapon when firing like T2 did in this scene:

Oh well, I think realism is more important :wink:

If there was one thing I would ask / recommend, is make the snap / chamber close more aggressive after reload.

Chamber round, face the N79 more south, then a hard flick back so it locks with a noticeable snap back into place for the next round.

Video for ref -

Cool! This weapon reminds my absolute favorite game https://youtu.be/zfkCvO-PiqY?t=513 The sound and animation of M79 here are super cool.
btw, if you ever to make a crossbow make an experimental version with explosive arrows - this would make diehard resident evil fans happy

Just don’t make it as rare as the U.S. weapons!

Great stuff.
Note to self, get cake for 26th March. :cake: :coffee:


If the Team feels the next “Major” update is not ready, please let it stay cooking a bit more time on the “Oven”.
We all want new stuff to find and to do, but it´s better to have a stable product, than something similar to last year.
I hope March update will be OK without major issues.


Nice! Excited to see what’s new for the 2’nd «birthday». :slightly_smiling_face:
Grenade launcher looks awesome! BTW, I hope that reload speed displayed is without the Reload Speed perks. :wink:

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Has it been a year already?! I was one year late on the ball. I bought the game on its on year anniversary. Since then I’ve been in love. Thank you for a great game and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Nice !:+1:

Awesome work team. Looks very nice so far.
Please think about making the N79 a side weapon.
I rarely use the rocket launcher because it is a main weapon. I than often run into situations where I can’t use it because i would damage myself and it then blocks the second weapon slot. Usually my prime weapons is a MG, Sub MG or LMG. The secondary is often a shotgun. So when I get rushed or ran out of ammo with the prime I can switch to secondary to defend myself while running away. The RL is than often not suitable.
Side weapons are probalbly mostely used to kill ticks and I think we would benefit alot by more veriety. A weapon with a singel big punch and long reload time next to the prime and the secondary weapon would add a lot to this variety. Please consider this suggestion when implement the N79.

I would like to know how much the ammunition for the N79 will weigh

It’s a little big for a sidearm. In Vietnam the guys armed with this weapon used to have a pistol as a sidearm.

will the launcher and Molotov be apart of the next update? going on that, will the next update be on the anniversary?

The way I enterpreted it, the Molotov and the N79 are not coming soon. They are works in progress and the devs are showing us an early concept to let us know a few things they’re working on. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I’m gonna +1 @NJR87 on this one.

I think managing expectations on release is the way forward. Let’s enjoy the anniversary event - then the update in April.


It would be interesting if April '21 update gives the same “effect” as April '20 update gave. :star_struck: While hated by many, there are some who loved it. And i can always hope for it to make a comeback. :slightly_smiling_face:

so what is the event? I don’t think I understand what’s happening.
I wasn’t here for the first anniversary.

I know some very light details, only from stream.

Given the great frame of mind the team are now in crunching everything before release, you can be sure Pontus will send up a signal flare once it’s 100% ready.

And @Aesyle - it would be great to see a return for the veterans, as well as the new community that can also jump straight in.

Fingers crossed for Wednesday Stream / Friday update on social media.

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You could find Firework Boxes (acted both as a lure and confusion for machines) and 6* KVM59 made an appearance as a limited time drop.

Speaking of Firework Boxes, i found one the other day and they are back in the loot pool, well in advance of next anniversary.

Screen of it

As what comes this year’s anniversary, hints are that it would be bigger/better than last year.