Level 5 12G pump

Now I have found and/or stumbled across almost all of the level 5 weapons. The one weapon that eluded me was the level 5, 12G pump. I have a level 4 that works perfectly fine, but I would love to find a level 5. I have picked up at least 100 different 12G’s, but that level 5 is like and urban legend for me.
Reminder I haven’t scoured the main map since my first play through in 2019 when I completed everything I could do. But now that the DLC has come out and multiple updates idk if anything main island has been added or anything.

My best advice is to hunt FNIX Tanks, the 5* 12G eluded me for some time as well, but that’s how I got it. There are large concentrations of FNIX Tanks in the north, check around Norrmyra Artillery base. You can also find them in the south coast region.

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Those are the black and red tanks right? I Can’t tell you how many of those damn tanks I have taken down. And I’ve never got a weapon from any tank. But I’ve seen people say take down tanks and harvesters to get top tier weapons. Just didn’t know if it was like the Hp5 or the rocket launcher where there is a level 5 somewhere in the map. Oh well, needed to ask. Thank you though.

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My advice go online find a team and blitz as many tanks harvesters as you can, rivals are your best bet but I have had 5* drop from the odd apocalypse hunter so you never know.

It’s annoying getting duplicates though while others I never see. My exp kpist dropped from a lvl2 fnix harvester!

There is no known spawn point for 5* 12G shotty on the map. What are, are: 5* m/49, HP5, Glock 17, .44 Magnum and AI-76. Though, almost all of them are mission locked and can’t be accessed before unlocking mission is done.

Either find (grind) one from FNIX tanks or trade it with someone.

I know how this feels, i think i have got and lost all 5* weapons expect the extremely elusive Sjöqvist Semi-Auto. I have 368 hours in the game, and never seen once this weapon.

I dont hunt achievements or special weapons, but that shotgun just fits my play style so well. That would be nice to have.

Thou i can confirm that 5* 12g is in the game, and somewhat moderate-to-rare(ish) drop from Tanks. I have seen multiple in loot drops.

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All I’m getting from rivals is one ammo case is something wrong?

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I understand you, i`m trying to find the Level 5 Sjoqvist, that and the level 5 LMGS are the only ones missing from my collection.
But i have to say the Level 5(or gold/yellow) 12 G is not rare, like people said, it´s a moderate drop possibility from Fnix Harvesters and Tanks.

That’s just it though im not getting weapon drops from tanks or harvesters nor is my spotting intel working

What platform are you playing?
Since when is that happening?

Xbox one the past two weeks

So basically, that only happens since the new update?

FNIX harvesters also drop this. I got my second from a harverster a few days ago.

I have the 5* semi shotgun on ps4. Never seen the 5* normal shotgun.

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I honestly feel That everyone’s copy of the game is like a randomly shuffled deck of cards. You get a great deck or you may get a not so great deck. In regards to loot and such.

5* weapons seem to come at a reasonable rate for me, exp though only ever had one drop.

Really? Fascinating…i play on the ps4 since October and it`s the only one i haven´t seen, on the other hand i found 6 or 7 Special 12 G.

Rest assured folks, all weapons have 5* versions as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s proof:
(my weapon collection, taken in August)


For what it’s worth, I got my most useful weapons - experimental pump shottie, exp AG4 - came from Hunters; much easier to clean up than Tanks and much more numerous. Happy hunting, anyway.

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Honestly its quite frustrating bit i finally got a worn lmg from an apocalypse runner smh

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