List of weapons with skins and their names

The DLC pack has 15 Weapon skins - Click here

With this DLC you can choose from 15 weapon skins specially designed for:
The pack has 15 skins for 12 different weapons

Kvm 89
Kvm 59 x2
Pansarvärnsgevär 90 (Pvg 90) x2
“Älgstudsare” Hunting Rifle
Klaucke 17
Sjöqvist Semi-Auto
AI-76 x2
Meusser Hunting Rifle
Granatgevär m/49
Automatgevär 5 (AG 5)
12G Pump-Action

(see the pictures below)

Confirmed: In the world the 5 older skins (Dark Skies Update) drop from Rivals and the newer skins typically drop from Resistance Base Defense and FNIX Base Assaults.

The skins that are known so far, are listed below.

So far we got 17 weapons that together have 27 skins This includes the DLC Skin Pack

12G Pump-Action

  • skin 1 => 12G 1 Graffiti Resistance (Found in World from Rival/Assault base)
  • skin 2 => 12G 2 Orange Venom Custom (DLC skin pack)


  • skin 1 => AI-76 1 Digital Forest (DLC skin pack)
  • skin 1 => AI-76 2 Disruptive Snow (DLC skin pack)

Älgstudsare Hunting Rifle

  • skin 1 => algstudsare1 Flecktarn Forest (DLC skin pack)

Automatgevär 4 AG 4

  • skin 1 => AG4 1 Swedish Forest (Found in World from Rival/Assault base)

Automatgevär 5 AG 5

  • skin 1 => AG5 1 Swedish Snow (Found in World from Rival/Assault base)
  • skin 2 => AG5 2 Desert sand (DLC skin pack)

Brännbol Bat

  • skin 1 => Brannboll bat 1 Graffiti Resistance (Found in World from Rival/Assault base)

Granatgevär m/49

  • skin 1 => Grg 1 Puma Resistance (DLC skin pack)


  • skin 1 => HP5 1 Flecktarn Snow (DLC skin pack)
  • skin 2 => 12G 1 (Found in World from Rival/Assault base)

Klaucke 17

  • skin 1 => Klaucke 17 1 Flecktarn Resistance (DLC skin pack)
  • skin 2 => Klaucke 17 2 Copper Top Custom (Found in world from Rival/Assault base)

Kpist m/46 SMG

  • skin 1 => Kpist smg Swedish Resistance (Found in World from Rival/Assault base)
  • skin 2 => Kpist smg 2 Heavy Flash Custom (Rare: This skin is replaced with the Party Pop Dark skin.)
  • skin 3 => Kpist 3 Party Pop Dark (Found in World from Rival/Assault base) (tactical response update)

Kvm 89

  • skin 1 => Kvm 89 1 Woodland Forest (DLC skin pack)

Kvm 59

  • skin 1 => Kvm 59 1 Woodland Snow (DLC skin pack)
  • skin 2 => Kvm 59 2 Flecktarn Urban (DLC skin pack)

Magnus .44

  • skin 1 => Magnus .44 1 Gold (Found in World from Rival/Assault base)

Meusser Hunting Rifle

  • skin 1 => Meusser 1 Disruptive Resistance (DLC skin pack)

Möller PP

  • skin 1 => Moller PP 1 Neon Grid Custom (Found in World from Rival/Assault base)
  • skin 2 => Moller PP 2 Grafitti Resistance (Found in World from Rival/Assault base)

Pansarvärnsgevär 90 PVG 90

  • skin 1 => PVG 90 1 Woodland Resistance (DLC skin pack)
  • skin 2 => PVG 90 2 Naval Marine (DLC skin pack)

Sjöqvist Semi-Auto

  • skin 1 => Sjoqvist 1 Disruptive Resistance (DLC skin pack)

More Weapon skin to come…

Resistance Pitchfork

  • skin 1 => ? (?)

Experimental Sledgehammer

  • skin 1 => ? (?)

Companion skins (Paint Jobs)

Companion Runner

  • skin 1 => Black Fire Runner skin Black Fire (aka Black flame) (DLC Companion Accessories Pack)
  • skin 2 => Blue Thunder skin Blue Thunder (aka Electric Blue) (DLC Companion Accessories Pack)
  • skin 3 => Bubblegum skin Bubblegum (DLC Companion Accessories Pack)
  • skin 4 => Grand Prix skin Grand Prix (DLC Companion Accessories Pack)
  • skin 5 => Mecha Monster skin Mecha Monster (DLC Companion Accessories Pack)
  • skin 6 => Resistance Runner skin Resistance Runner (Found in World)
  • skin 7 => Prototype Runner skin Prototype Runner (Found in World)
  • skin 8 => Military Runner skin Military Runner (Found in World)
  • skin 9 => FNIX runner skin FNIX Runner (Found in World)

If you have a skin that I didn’t list please let me know in the comments.

Edit: @sabredog66 you found I believe the Möller PP skin, can you tell me the skin’s name?


With “Swedish resistance” do you mean the m90 camo?

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Don’t know. M90? My understanding was that Swedish Resistance was the name of the skin.

O I see, it’s M/46

That was the skin I meant by M90 Camo, didnt know it was called swedish resistance by the devs :sweat_smile:

Called it M90 since it looked alot like the M90 camo pattern used by the swedish military.

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That is the Neon Grid Custom

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Thanks. Did you get via a Rival or via a Base defend/assault?

Base assault.

I have only got one skin from a rival.

Obtaining skins is quite hard to do, but base assaults/defences seem to generate better odds of getting one.

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Pinned this. Good work, @Gysbert :+1:



Can anybody confirm that Resistance Base Defend also has a chance to drops skins? Because since I started the skins topic, I have been hunting for skins, and so far I only got them from FNIX Base Assaults. The first free skins I got from Rivals.

I am pretty sure I got a skin from base defense but as I do not do many of these sorts of things I cannot confirm with any degree of surety.

One more skin to go for me and that is a tough task. It is the rather lurid Kpist one.

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Im 95% sure i got a skin from a base defense mission before the last update…since then i no longer have a base and dont wish to build one till i find every new weapon and collectable, but i doubt they changed the reward rng pool.

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I searched my images to find confirmation and I found proof it drops from Resistance base defence afterall. But hadn’t have one from a FNIX Base Assault yet.

You see the skin given with the loot rewards.

How do you know there’s just one more to go, do you know how many there are in the loot pool to this date?

there is a post somewhere on the steam forum that shows the skins. The brightly coloured
Kpist is one of them.

Here it is.

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That is the Klauke skin :slight_smile:

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But they don’t show all skins, I think. We already have 26 skins listed while the pictures don’t show 26 weapons with skins. Also there are four Graffiti Resistance skins, but they are weapon specific, meaning you have to find all four, one of them is the Brännboll bat.

Knowing that some weapons have 2 skins, we might conclude that all weapons have 2, or the devs have plans to make 2 skins for each weapon. It could be that each second skin might be one of the paid ones.

The Weapon Skins that are in the “Skin Pack DLC”, are most likely not in the game to find without buying them. Or do they?

Not all weapons have two skins available. I have the paid DLC and those skins are not available in the game unless you have purchased that specific DLC.

For the free ingame skins, the bat only has one. The Moller only has one.

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I I usually get the same skin for the same weapon the moller pp