Lock picking skill - a pain in the ass?

Hi guys, question…

I just cán’t cope with the lock picking. When do I get what skill and how to be able to do this lock picking?

A bit frustrating by now…

Thx. in advance!

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To use the lockpicking skill, you must have a lockpick in your inventory and be interacting with a door that 100% require the lockpicks. A good building to test this on is the green buildings that have 2 double doors with mostly ammo crates in them, these can be found in military areas such as the airbase or Vesslan Command Bunker.


Skill Tree | Generation Zero Wiki | Fandom

It’s the seconds skill of the right tech skill tree.
You just need to be at least at level 2 and spend your skill points for chemist and lockpicking.


Thank you both for your answers!

I’ve got a few of them, but I need to spend my skill points - right!
Bit of a newbie: how do I do this?

Have to check my level.

Press whatever button opens your inventory, i only know its I by default on PC versions, then navigate to your skills tab as shown in the screenshot above. Itll show you your level at the bottom of the menu and available skill points to the right of the level.

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Just checked: I’ve got level 31 and 99 skill points.

But how do I use them…

That’s impossible.
You must be using cheats or mods.
31 skill points is the maximum.

Keep in mind that using mods or cheats may destroy your safegame or lead into other issues.


You’ve got 99 skill points at max skill level, and you don’t even know how lockpicking works?

Something smells fishy here.


Like starting the game with an old mod or cheat-tool that provides “full xp”, but just gives you enough xp for level 31, the old max level, instead of lvl 10k, plus 99 skill points which you can never get by playing (max: 31) and which even don’t make sense, because you can’t spend them all.

And then he is asking for help here :rofl:

I would recommend to delete the safegame and the mod and to try to play the game as it is meant to be.


I’m old (60+) and yes… :smile: Otherwise…

Just trying to have some fun experience


Sorry to disappoint you Mad :smiley:

Ok, thx. Not so clear to me at the moment.

But LOVING the Swedish environment! This game should be promoted at the Swedish Tourist Office :heart_eyes:

Not just there :wink:

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I don’t wanna die 80.000 times :crazy_face:

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  1. That’s how humen learn best: by mistakes.
  2. Cheating isn’t fun.
  3. Lockpicking doesn’t help against dying.

Welcome Harold. :coffee:


Made só many mistakes in my life - sometimes you just want to enlighten it all :wink:


Ah, now it makes more sense. Do what you want, but I agree with @Madchaser. Play at your own pace, forego cheats and immerse yourself. It’s a slow burn at first, spend that time to get accustomed to the mechanics.

And yes, I agree! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks Gysbert! :hugs:

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@ 02: I really LOVE to cheat, except in case of humans.
@ 03: :joy:

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