Looking for missions that aren't on the map

Hi guys, I want to progress by doing some missions.

How do I find these missions? They’re not on the map.

Done all missions/side missions, beside In the face of Adversaty - I really cannot complete this one.

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Normally you should have enough main or side-missions to finish this challenge. Have you tried to see if the Base assault missions or procedural missions (we get once, or more) every week, will also count for this? But probably not, that would make the challenge to easy.

If you count all your main and side missions you have in your missions log, you can see if you actually have them all.

Edit: (including 2 story DLCs) There are 57 main missions and 73 side-missions (25-06-'23).

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Ok, thanks for your response Gysbert.

I just don’t understand it all - missions, submissions, what to do. That’s a bit of a problem.
Like blue dots on elements. Can’t make any chocolate of it.

‘Locate the Overly Bridge’ for example. Can’t find it on the map, so I’ll have to spit through (…) YT vids?
Really an issue of just me?

Överby Bridge is east of Skinnarbol (FL). Mission “Law of the Land”
The bridge is crossing the Överbyan river

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I can’t remember that mission in detail… But at least I can remember that I never had problems finding some location of a running mission.

Check you have all options for the map activated (no filters) and all helping options in the settings activated.

Last, but not least, Gysbert has a helpful map:


The mission starts at Östervik’s police station, with a car radio call asking for backup at the Överby bridge. There had been an accident with a Military Transport, and Machines are holding the bridge.

Normally a mission waypoint should be pointing to that bridge location, but Harold is not seeing that waypoint. They can sometimes be hard to spot with eyes that have seen many seasons pass by, especially if you also do not know where to look on the map. :coffee:

It’s easier to just ask it here, easier than figuring out those blue dots on elements. :grinning:

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Ah thanks! And the binoculars indicate that you’ve encountered this on your bike travels :relaxed: Great!

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Added to GZ’s favo folder!

It’s a side Mission ‘Law of the Land’.

Found it, been there, but nothing special.

Look in your side-missions log to see if you done this one. If you did you see the objectives checked off.

It’s strange - nów, suddenly, it’s visible on the map. I’ll visit the bridge - again. As said, last time nothing to be found or experience there. :smiley:

Also the FNIX Outpost Sabotage is visible now.