Loot graphic overlays after new patch. CAREFUL when recycling

Yeah it is and the same graphics overlay issues in loots plundra crates like what Celticphoenix described and showed . Do you think itll be fixed soon how long before they realize and fix this ?

I don’t know.
I’m excited if the todays weekly dev stream will happen. At least there they should see and feel this bug by themselves. (@SR_Carni: broad hint :wink:)

In the past hotfixes for new bugs by updates came just a days after the update… Or with the next in general monthly update. (It’s obviously not always as easy to release an update or hotfix as for example sony has to give it free/to allow it)

But that requires that the devs will find the reason of the bug and to fix it quickly. It’s not like pushing a button “deactivate bug”. :joy:

well thank you and i hope they spot it im sure they will and the more people that write in post about it they will read know about it soon enough an dhopefully fix it sooner than later . Im looking forward to the BIG update hopefully skill points or something and new vehicle im hoping CARS lol and i hope they open another area like by the big bridge up north or that lil patch in himjfall. But yeah great game playing it since day 1!!!

I can’t give you an exact timeline on a fix, but we’re looking into it with priority :slight_smile: Please keep adding any new information to this thread!


Noticed this bug as well while playing on my PlayStation 5 after the latest patch update. Also notice NPC being invisible and weapons used on the wheel simply vanish leaving a silhouette of the item that was once there. The patch has caused more bugs to almost the point of not being playable. How long till we see a fix?

its def playable you just have to pay more attention. it has been listed as a priority by the devs

Not playable when you need to converse with an npc and they are not visible whatsoever and need them to progress the mission like accessing Vesslan Command Bunker for the fist time. I was lucky to recall where he was at but my son playing the game for the first time didn’t see him or know there was an npc even there. These bugs is what breaks the game. For a March 2019 game, one would have thought these sort of bugs would have been flushed out.

:thinking: ok… did not know there were visual bugs like that… that is def not good

:point_up:Another bug is with finding certain items and clothing and they are maxed zoomed in and often not showing the actual item but something completely different like this Cap backwards, white that is showing up as a pair of shoes. :thinking:

Another bug found since the latest patch. Unable to view what your character looks like let alone what any clothing views under the profile tab. Also missing all the clothing items collected from the Halloween event. Those items are not on the list now… :thinking:

These are some severe bugs being found after the recent patch on PlayStation.

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Platform: PC

Description: Inventory is not updating when looting. You take an item and when it goes to the next selection, it still shows the old item and does not update until you select a different item in the group that you are looting from an enemy.

Steps To Reproduce: Tried reinstalling the game, logging out and logging back in. The issue remains the same. I checked my graphics drivers and everything is up to date.

Images / Videos: None to share.

Host or Client: Solo player

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Nvidia Graphics card

After the most recent XBox update, looting is almost impossible as the thing you’ve just taken persists overlaying the slot for remaining things.

So the thing you’ve just looted isn’t being flushed from the source column, it sits on top of the thing that you now have selected, which won’t refresh until you toggle off that item, and back on to it. I’ve also seen things from previous lootable enemies persisting in the source column when moving on to a different enemy.

Video of issue linked below.

Video Example

devs are already working on fixing that.

you should read other topics if they already exist.


Yeah, I didn’t notice an XBox specific one, so figured the more datapoints, the better.

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Maybe because it’s an issue in all systems…

interesting. I am on a late gen PS4 and haven’t seen any of the issues you are experiencing, though I have seen reports of others saying the same… I am at a loss there. I have a PS5 waiting to be setup and data transfered but now I am not sure I want to do that :rofl: besides my back log of PS4 games out weighs my PS5 game library

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@Madchaser This was the bug i mentioned the other day.

On a side note about the SECOND clothing BUG
Dont tell me i lost my Halloween costumes that took me 3 different years to gather (2019/2020/2021) :eyes: !! (all clear :+1:)

I still have mine. but I don’t have the graphic issues in clothing that some are having either

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