Loot graphic overlays after new patch. CAREFUL when recycling

I checked right now, i think i still have most of them(if not all).
I do however have both graphic issues.

what clothing glitch

nevermind, your talking about the zoom-in on shoes :ballet_shoes: glitch, yeah, that one doesn’t bother me though, & the overlapping glitch already use to it, I try not letting small glitches ruin my fun playing the game


my gnome mask :cold_sweat: hopefully are still there, I will check later, lol

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Can confirm this issue. I’m on PC.

got hit with the clothing bug today after looting a brown military cap. as stated before everything zoomed in and on the profile tab my character disappeared and clothing could not be viewed. I was able to immediately hit a safe house and exit to main menu. once back ingame everything looked correct again, no loss of clothing found. just FYI for those hit with that bug. hopefully a quick reset will fix the issue every time.

I have the same problem on PS5 since the Nov 7 update. Never saw it before, but now it’s constant.

noticed it today after updating (xbox one), hope it will get fixed soon.

Can confirm this bug exists, in an identical way, in the PS5 version of the game: inventory does not auto-update anymore, and salvaging item X will overlay the image of X over the image of item Y immediately below.

At best, it makes inventory management extremely tedious (need to move up/down manually to force screen update).

At worst, it’s a recipe to permanently lose valuable items (if you ever forget manual refresh and continue salvaging based on the faulty overlay graphic)

Surely this is a severe enough bug to justify a HOTFIX, right?

(edit) If it helps, I can take a video of the bug. Please let me know if that’s the case.

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Carni told, that a fix will be part of the next update, which is soon. I guess early december, but Idk.

Glad to hear that! I’m actually pleasantly surprised that there is still ongoing support for the game, given that it’s older and wasn’t a huge hit on release, from what I gathered.

Wondering though how much impact the PS Plus free release two months ago had (I know it got at least me hooked ^^)

Sure. Well, if the monthly lineup isn’t as good in total, as it’s been almost every month since release of the PS5, a titel like Generation Zero can catch many users easily.

think they said the gained 1mil users from the free download, I am def one of them and still loving the game. minus some of the old bugs but they are tolerable. still a few places that you can’t 100% yet cause of said bugs but again tolerable. tossed a bit of coin at them for all the expansions as well. still trying to complete researches to build some guns just the way I want them… hoping for more gold weapon drops to build off of. AG4 being the one I really want but if not oh well. I’m making do well enough as is. beer and GZ, good times all around.

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Yeah, and I can tolerate a good bit but this is absolutely a must fix. For us speed scrappers… And lets face it,… 4C AG4s from everything needing to be scrapped constantly is gonna get me to rid a exp or 5C Holstered weapon so easy,… Im glad it was super obvious right away just going thru my ammo and attachments screen as I scrap per column, not the “everything at once column”.

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I have even seen this recycle overlay thing, in the walking about inventory list. Worst part,… Im not even in a crate.

ya, literally anything that opens that contains, well, anything the bug will overlay onto. doesn’t matter how long ago your last loot was. the next thing you open it will be ghosted there. not to mention the amount of floating objects is a lil bit out of hand. its almost comical at this point. radio towers just randomly floating in the sky, boxes, backpacks, rocks, trees, etc. all just floating about. makes me giggle everytime I see them. almost like they had a “bring your kids to work day” and let them have at the code. if it wasn’t so much fun to play or the story line so dark and in depth (not yet done with the story line) I honestly would have moved on to another game. but alas I am still having to much fun. if they ever get around to polishing this game up, it will def be a 5 star game.

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