Lost Customer due to no online multi platform


This game looked absolutely amazing! I was so hyped up to play on my xbox one with my friend while he plays on his computer until i found out this game is does not allow online cross play between platforms. From a technical standpoint… there should be no reason why this cannot be achieved. The servers know who you are… so why can’t they talk to eachother? Hint: (they can) . Look at fortnite… hundreds of millions of users from xbox, playstation, PC to even mobile that can all be in one game at once. Unfortunately my friend and i will not be buying this until it becomes online multi platformed as like i said… can be very easily achieved by the developers if they so choose. Great game, with even greater potential!


Sadly with a lot of games, sometimes it’s not the developers fault that cross platform isn’t allowed, but its the consoles companies itself. Xbox is known to be better with this stuff and allowing cross play but I know for a fact that Sony doesn’t like it much when people want to have cross play with games. The only two games I can think of that have cross play on PS4 are Rocket League and Fortnite. Let’s hope that the devs can negotiate a way to cross platform!


Most games aren’t cross-play lmao, literally not a big deal…stick to Fortnite then :face_vomiting: The loss of split-screen is a waaaaay larger issue than 2 people who don’t wanna play on the same platform!


There’s only a handful of games in existence that support cross platform play. Fortnite, Rocket League, Apex Legends and probably a few more that don’t come to mind. Sony basically don’t even allow people to share accounts between platforms (annoying as f**k, as I can’t play War Thunder on my PS4 while my computer does time consuming light rendering). Also, unless you’re an actual programmer who knows how to make games, don’t BS about stuff being easy. Nothing about making games is easy and if you’re talking about skilled devs having access to industry standard equipment and being paid what their labor is worth, nothing is cheap either.

While this title lacks a lot of desirable features, and cross-platform play is something I really want, your post is some A-grade entitled douchebaggery. It’s shit like this that convinced Bioware to make a generic cash grab looter shooter instead of another single player magnum opus like Mass Effect.


Sea of Thieves is cross play but it’s a Microsoft game so PC and Xbox makes sense. But this game is on all platforms making it more difficult. I doubt ps4 and Xbox are willing to do business on this game.


In the past it has been a Sony issue (from everything that I have read) and from friends that used to be “in the business” you may need to have huge sales before you can twist Sonys arm into permitting certain aspects of the game.

One of the CoD games had cross play available for a few hours and Fortnite had a similar crossplay start.

As the three platforms that Generation Zero run on are all essentially based on the x86 family I would say that the main issue would be platform licensing.


Seriously, the only reason you down a game is no cross-platform? That’d so uncommon even today , I don’t know why you should expect it.