Lost game files and restart

Xbox One: My partner on the west coast reached level 16 and I was at Level 15. We signed off 2 nights ago and last night signed on and he could not get into his game. I guess the save bug. He tried to load my character using my login and my xbox one remotely which worked and I tried his remotely and couldn’t log in either. So I think he had no choice but to start over so he deleted his game copy and downloaded it again. Then He got in but had to start his character over, loosing everything.

I just started a new character so we could play at the same level but discovered the map and safe houses and bunkers and missions and what was in my storage case remained. So I went back and stored all my items in the storage box and started the new character again, which gave me access to all my stuff. I then could give enough guns and ammo to my friend so we could restart together. I also downloaded the FNX rising patch and now I host the game were as he was the host.

That bug is real killer as to the enjoyment of the game. We had been playing several weeks, now all gone. We only had a few lockups but nothing serious.

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