Lost like 80% of all data Xbox one+no player model

No clue where to really say this (I’m a bit confused by this site) but I lost at least 80% of my data when I login to the game. I noticed I had nothing from my inventory, but I everything in my storage bin. I had no levels or XP but I had my ranks. All my missions were done too. AND my character isn’t even in the game anymore!! It’s just a floating weapon!! my whole profile game is completely messed up and there’s nothing I can do now!! Is there a way to fix this?!? We’ve tired loading on another Xbox one but it’s still messed up. Please help!!
This was in single player
And even after reloading this persists.

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Hey @DisasterJay18 :wave:

At first glance I thought this was a case of Corrupted Save File or possibly [XB1] Game Crashing (post update FNIX Rising) but reading your description this seems to be something else.

Let’s see if we can figure this out!

When you boot the game and look at the main menu do you have CONTINUE and SELECT CHARACTER, or does it only show NEW GAME and not CONTINUE and SELECT CHARACTER?

Is there any chance that you have accidentally created and spawned with a new character? OR possibly deleted a character by accident?

Asking since each account can have up to 4 characters in the “select character” menu and they can be created and deleted individually. The storage container is shared across all characters and you describe that the storage container having everything it should have, as well as the missions being completed (which are also shared across characters).

Could you take a look in the “select character” menu how it looks there? Is there a character on e.g. slot 2 but not slot 1 or something like that?

The invisible player model / player rig not being rendered sounds really weird, but we have actually seen something like it before internally. When you loaded into the game and you were invisible, did you join someone else’s session directly with the game not running, OR does this (invisible character) occur via continue / new game?

IF you pick something up and equip it into the characters hands, is the character/hands still invisible?

Thank you for your time and thanks for reporting! :pray:

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