"Loud and Clear" mission has glitched. Do I need it to complete the storylines?

Xbox Series X, with latest (this week) update installed.

I am unable to finish the “Loud and Clear” main mission because, even though I have the key from the police car, there is no option to unlock the shed door. In fact, no nearby doors are openable during this mission, including the nearby green building. I even managed to kill the tick inside by blowing up explosives outside the wall, but apparently I don’t get credit for it until I open the door, which never offers any option to open or unlock.

If I can’t solve this, am I unable to progress?

Thanks for the report. Have you tried restarting and going back to that same location? The nearby town of Hagaboda has had similar problems of doors and such lacking interaction.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I’ve logged out and restarted, and ignored that mission for several real-time days. The problem persists. Occasional glitches in games this size don’t bother me; I know the devs have a huge experience to manage. But when that glitch prevents me from completing the main storylines, it sucks.

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Very strange. I actually went into the game and checked the area out and I had no problems interacting with the door. Wonder what could be causing this :thinking:

I thought what might’ve happened is that the game didn’t register them picking up the key in the police car, so the door is still inaccessible for them.

I don’t know why other nearby doors would be inaccessible though. It sounds like it might be a different issue altogether.

@jackyaper does the Tick shed door say something like “NEED KEY TO UNLOCK” when you try to interact with it or is there no prompt at all? What about the other nearby doors?

There is no message when I approach the door. Even the doors of the nearby police cars do not offer the option to be opened. Weirdly, the game still allowed me to pick up the key through the unopenable car door. But the red shed and the nearby green two-door building behave like other unopenable buildings in the game. There just isn’t an option.

The tick inside is dead. I planted explosives around the building, and the tick no longer makes noise or registers on my “radar.” But the mission prompt still says I need to eliminate the tick.

Thank you for your responses. I wish I could just reset a mission. Alas . . .

This is likely caused by gnome ticks, relog or restart the game and they should hopefully despawn.

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I’ll give it another try . . .

Thank you!

Like @Indominus-J said, if those doors are inaccessible with no prompt that means it’s likely that you’ve unknowingly summoned some gnomes.

There’s a thread describing all the gnome business here, check out some of the recent posts for a good rundown:

If so, the game should eventually sort itself out if you close and reopen it. Let us know if you have any luck.

Well, that’s interesting information, indeed. Gnomes running amok in the game . . .

Update: Thanks, everyone, for your help. Some combination of quitting the game, restarting the Series X, and fast-traveling around on the map for a while did the trick. The mission worked the next time I visited the area.

Thanks again!

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