Lucids Character Builds Series

I’m making a series on different character builds you can make in the game. I’ve done 3 episodes already so I decided that I can use a thread to post when I upload another one. I make 1 every week.

As I state in episode 1 I say that all these builds are not supposed to be the 100% meta optimal build you can make out of a certain playstyle. These are just some fun builds that you can try out if you don’t know how you wanna allocate your skill points.

Anyways I hope you enjoy the videos!

Episode 1: Stealth build

Episode 2: Tank build

Episode 3: Sniper build


Nice video (1st one) :sunglasses:
I haven’t watched the others yet.

The first Build would be something for me. And I have many of the skills you mentioned. To get even less visible for enemies I have also upgrade jacket and shirt to 5% less visiblity. Pants and Boots I upgraded to 7% better jumping, this helps me to get over obstacles easier when I make a run for it.

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I’m happy that you like the videos!

Ye i decided to leave out clothing upgrades cus those are something alot of peple don’t have the best schematics for, But ye they help a ton. For example for the tank build you can have explosive resistance or bullet resistance.

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I will have a look at the other two. A cup of coffee with a video. Good combo. :grinning:

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Great stuff, Luccan! What might the next one be? I want to see an Average Joe build! :smiley:


“There are times when @Avalanche_Pontus leaves the office and walks the forums like
an ordinary man.”
- Old proverb

But yeah, always great to see more community content :+1:


Episode 4 is out!: Average Joe Build