Machine behaviour post April 2020 update

I meant the latest update that the devs called “May update is live!”

That’s the one I meant.

So I guess it’s still broken, then…

Care to link your source (e.g provide proof)?

Proof that the game is broken? How about the near USSR election percentage of comments here in the forum that the robot buff update earlier this spring ruined the game for the vast majority of them?

I asked proof of your claims of devs saying May '20 update is live. Have yet to see any. :roll_eyes:

Ok, it says right under feedback “May update is live!” I was wrong about the date, though.

Then again, I never mentioned a date.

They sure are taking lots of time and i bet they already lost many users, tomorrow makes one month since this mess of an update.
Look, the game is great…for the moment it´s not, my advice? Go play something else, i have all weapons, supplies and good skills, even so, sometimes it´s frustrating, i´ve been playing other things, games should not be frustrating to play, nevertheless the update should be coming soon so don´t give up on it, just give it some more time.

I’m with you. My wife and I haven’t played since that update. It was a fun game and we had a good time but now it’s just silly and frustrating and yeah, we’ve left. For now.


I perfectly understand, but don´t give up on the game yet!
It will probably even be too much easy after the next patch so keep on the lookout for the patch news :wink:

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I tried this game during the free week and was hooked, bought it immediately. Even if it’s infuriating, frustrating and full of bull every now and then, I just can’t put it down. What they got right works so well that it makes it worth putting up with the dumpster fire that is everything else.

All I can say it’s that I’m glad I bought it after the April update. If I learnt to play it with the machines in god mode, then it should be a piece of cake when/if the team tones them down a notch.

Speaking of updates, does anyone know if we have a date for the next one? It should be sometime this week, right?

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Sometime this week is a pretty sure bet, yup!


Hallo zusammen, ich brauche einige Auskünfte zu diesen Spiel.

  1. Wie bekomme ich experimentel Waffe?
  2. Haben diese Recycel Stationen einen Sinn ?

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Hello together, I need some information about this game.

How do I get experimental weapon?
Do these recycling stations make sense?

Not the right topic for your questions but as long as there won’t be any additional discussion of it (which will get deleted as being off topic), i’ll answer both of your questions.

There are 2 ways:

  1. Your character needs to be level 25 or more and you get random experimental weapon drops from killing Rivals.
  2. Trade it with someone. (No character level limit this way.)

Recycling stations are used to recycle weapons and weapon mods to get crafting resources, which in turn can be used to craft different bonuses, if you have located and picked up crafting schematics. Also, crafting resources can be stored in the recycling station.

If you have more questions, make a new topic about it.

Agree. Plus, the rockets are able to move from robot to target (me) in a timespan that would utterly defy the laws of physics. The acceleration would require a motor that is beyond sci-fi, and the forces it would impose on the rocket would crush it. The rockets seem to be able to magically traverse through stone walls. The robot never runs out of ammunition. Robots can see through walls; they can apparently see through mountains. These all detract from enjoyment of the game, for me.

When they want to call it ‘May Update’ then yes. If not it will become a ‘June Update.’ Let’s hope it won’t take them until end of June.

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Typically I don’t complain about this topic but this is a special case
I usually play games on medium difficulty wich is skirmish in generation zero
However the machines aI has been amped up so much I feel like I’m in nightmaew mode or something
I can’t so much as step out of a safe house without my character being ravaged by machines
And good luck avoiding mortars from tanks and harvesters
They either are able to lock onto you or they’re speed has increased to were its impossible to not take damage from mortars
Probably going to take a break until the ai is fixed

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