Machine Body Modification - The Grand Petition

This will be the place for me to start a petition for Machine Body Modification in Generation Zero.
Something I had already planned on spearheading via content on my channel but todays stream just has lit a fire in me to really try to band together this idea, and especially, see whether or not the community is for or against the concept.

To start; What is Machine Body Modification?
Machine body modding is using the machine technology surgically inside of our characters to gain advancements and abilities far more sci-fi than our current skill tree.
Consider, being able to perform the hunter jump to reach high areas, the runners hydraulics for a near infinite sprint, or quick movement boost when needed. The new soviet nanomachines, to do whatever the nanomachines would fit the purpose of (as nanomachines should) and so much more!
Visually we could see it go in many directions, from simple prosthesis that replace the limb, to subdermal implanting.

Want xray but dont wanna put the attachment on a scope? Slap and vision module from a (Insert Machine Here) into your eyeball and you got all vision modes whenever you need.
We already see Tatiana (soviet soldier) having her leg amputated and replaced by a hunter leg, she’s a character we’re likely to meet soon as well. So the question bodes, can we do so as well?

Aesthetically we could go real future tech (like the soviets) or more rugged (FNIX) or even wilder in a jimmy rigged resistance style.
Emulating what certain games were unable to achieve, but instead in generation zeros art style and tone. Expanding on how player progression could happen, open up new metas, emergent gameplay and maybe even difficulties.


Think of us finally becoming the Terminator machine everyone’s always wanted -

So lets get this all started with a old school tally to see what people are feeling -

Machine Body Modification
  • Yay
  • Nay

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More will be added soon, and this topic will be an evolving one much like the game we love here, this will be a spot for everyone to chime in with ideas and opinions, concepts and community requests.

Cheers everyone, and thank you for taking part! :pray:


Could you clarify what this means? Do you mean modifying the machines’ bodies, or modifying our bodies with machine parts?


Who would vote no to becoming a swedish robot cyborg??? :sunglasses:


Please check revised description dude, and as stated more will be following soon! :smiley: As well, I fixed the poll too… didn’t realize you could vote both, woops! :crazy_face:

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Lets hope this ones unanimous :pray: I really think it would open this game up in a huge way!


You played too much Cyberpunk2077 my man :stuck_out_tongue: .

But when you make a petition for having a runner companion and another to have more machines patrolling the towns and industrial areas, count me up :slight_smile:

PS:Having the old and longer max sprint would be appreciated too!


personally i prefer everything to be much more plausible and believable so i dont love this idea, but depending on the way its presented it could be pretty sick


The idea itself sounds rather interesting, but in GZ’s case I feel like there’s more stuff that needs to be fixed and fleshed out before adding something that big of a gamechanger. Like the story for instance.

The games initial concept of weak trash humans fighting against giga chad machines raised the stakes and made you feel like stealth and tactics was the name of the game. It added some level of fear wich made the immersion great. Though of course GZ is more of a doom mega action game now. What made the game unique and IMO good before was the grounded sci fi feel to it.

Adding body mods, unless the game was heavily rebalanced would make the game easier than it already is. Personally I would first have more advanced ai, a story that isn’t told on collectables all the time, revamps that aren’t “look we blew something up”.


Excellent already generating the conversations I was hoping, I don’t want a one sided thing (though as an optimist I hope for one) :sweat_smile:
But there definitely are so many things to be weighed when a feature as massive as this one hypothetically is. Game balance, tone and narrative weight, and maybe something like this is good, but maybe not “soon good”
Even when I was thinking of breaking into this content wise on my channel, I wanted to raise those sides, so I’m glad they’re just being brought up naturally here.
In regards to Cyberpunk and stuff, art imitates art, it’s a callous saying but a sadly true one. I think with generation zero’s current design and art approach (fnix bases, new machines) could apply to this conceptually in a way that could be totally unique in the cyberpunk genre.

and definitely @JoJo_the_memedealer the one thing generation zero would absolutely need before this is the narrative precedent, there would be a heck of a lot of explaining needed. the doom mega action thing is there definitely as well, do we go further down that path? But I also feel it’s been there for like almost 2+ years now…
I also think new tech access and usage could be huge for stealth metas, nanomachines are the mcguffin to add some fun things we could pull off stealth wise :smiley:
But thats aside, you folks raise valid points here.

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Cyberpunk is more than body modifications but honestly, does GZ need to become Cyberpunk?

That is true, wich is why I don’t play GZ anymore. GZ had something with the world atmosphere and it’s concepts. It tried to become something of it’s own and not chase trends with no real thoughts behind them. To me the main problem was always the technical performance, the feeling of it being early access and the constant “new thing but will be fixed later” and don’t even get me started on the story.

The foundation was there but instead of adding to it, to me it felt like the foundation was being constantly changed. I would just like to know why the devs decided to make turn into a semi survival into a RNG grinding hoarding simulator. Just don’t think it should take a “finished product” 3 years or more years to maybe get good.

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Soviet Nanomachines? Did I miss a page of lore?

The healing effect of the Wolf is apparently some kind of nanotechnology, at least I think that’s what its blueprint says.


Wait? That’s what that particle effect is? Jeez, I’m dumb…

Gz already had a bunch of facilities of the cyberpunk genre, I mean the premise is a guy and a scientist team digitized his brain, and somehow use military soldiers brains, to control machinery that then went all awry and dystopic.
Ghost in the shell The Matrix Blade Runner even Terminator are all similar scenarios of cyberpunk esque facilities we can see very clearly in GZ.
I think there’s a typical presumption of Cyberpunk in its Neon-Noir aesthetic of today. Which you can’t do much about sadly.

and @The_Polish_Chad it is as @VladTheInhaler says, those are nanomachines! Currently our only form of nanomachinery outside maybe what the ticks do to build FNIX bases :smiley:

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Vote YEA offcourse^^ Gurkan Out!^^

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Maybe in an actual sequel, or as really late game content, if ever.

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Continuing the discussion from Machine Body Modification - The Grand Petition:

It does sound like a pretty good idea, but I’m not 100% sure what you mean by that. If you mean like having full on blades and new functions I’m not certain it would fit with the overall theme of generation zero (although it would be cool). If you mean like robotic legs for faster running and higher jumping or things like that, I think skills already do a pretty good job of that.

It’s a good idea though.

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I joined a MP game just after Landfall came out and a player that read through all the dolls stated: “I wish they (machines) would talk to me too”.

Sure some players would like to be the machines, enhance their character with paid DLC addons to get a quick kick of beating more bigger machines, in an ever escalating combat or vanity spiral. And those players are usually very loud in gaming.

While others rather work with the machines, build them, and would eventually also be willing to get paid DLC addons if they connect to a useful companion.

I noted 2 hours in a new players live stream that didn’t go well. That apparently is what a quick-kick player base have before ditching the game in favor of something else that quickly builds action. For each new update made to keep players engaged and make bored players come back to enjoy hours of battle something else has to go to put new players there where the action is (and revenue) faster. That’s a different problem with narrative that needs fixing, not more cosmetics imho.

My opinion is that this game can carry it’s own weight with lots of potential to develop on but is (maybe) being rewritten into shards of other games.


I love the idea of using enemy technology to enhance yourself as well as using against them. Especially the transhumanism part. (likely because I’m Type 1 and use computers/machinery to make my life more simpler lol) But I’m thinking how cool it would be to enhance yourself in various ways, like increase carry weight, jump height, running/sprinting speed, seeing enemy weak points when aiming down any sight (maybe) as well as more things I can’t think of. Love your videos by the way. <3

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(Never seen a poll with these constant results)