Machine gun lynxes (auto fire too powerful)

Platform: Xbox series x

Description: burst fire lynxes suddenly going full auto and becoming super accurate killing you in half a second. I think I have had some other machines do this before but this is the best evidence I can give at the moment.

Steps To Reproduce: simply fighting them.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: host

Players in your game: just me

Specifications: Xbox series x

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I can confirm this on PC too.

Usually they spread like crazy but sometimes all of a sudden every projectile from a burst shot hits the player.


I’ve had this happen a bunch of times on PS4, it’s very annoying.

For me, it always happens when I shoot the Lynx. I’ll start shooting one up close and I’ll be greeted by a terrifying full auto barrage and instadeath.


Yeah it’s discouraging to fight them especially when you are far from a safe house. They are normally slightly more accurate than the robo dogs, I’m pretty sure that they only do 3 burst shots and they have a sawblade melee attack, after watching some YouTube videos I know that they aren’t supposed to be able to do that specifically.

I can confirm this happening on the AK lynxes, but its present on the Grenade launcher variants as well. Another thing ive noticed to do with Lynxes since Base Assault dropped is that the saw blade attack is no longer happening.

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Yeah I’ve seen the saw blade attack in the YouTube vids but I’ve never seen it in my game.

Can anyone confirm if my clips are working properly?

For me, they’re just three still images.


Thanks I will look into fixing them after work.

I can confirm this happening to a degree. I have also found that it only happens when your an easy target.
From my studdies of the lynx units they can be extremely accurate. However they never lead their targets.

You can actually out run their aim.
Try using straifing along with hit and run tactics. If you flat out take them head on they will murder you in seconds with full auto. Thats with all of them. I have seen the ones with launchers go full auto

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I have seen and done this too. Once in combat, I always try to run parallel to the machines that are attacking me and change directions a lot.

I just looked at all the formats I’m allowed to use and none of them are similar to an mp4 so I can’t set up my clips so everyone can see even though you guys know what I’m talking about.

They usually nail me when I’m aiming at them and they are low lol.

Platform: XB1

Description: The Lynx fires enough rounds to one-shot the player at full health in one burst

Steps To Reproduce: Fight a Lynx

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Xbox One S, Lynx test subject was Spetsnaz Class. Often occurs on the third burst.

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Try taking the full burst from a tank if you just let it hit it will “one shot” you as well

There are a number of toasters with attacks that need be atleast semi dodged.

There is a runner loadout that will also take you down in one strike however i forget the loadout and its most notable by the fact that it stares you down for a moment. Its also i believe apoc class. But the point is its a runner.

The russians were clearly designed to go toe to toe with apocs

I do not see how anything you just said is relevant.

Ofc some things need to be dodged, this however, is clearly a bug. It goes against everything it does normally.

(awaiting sources, 0/2)


Then you missed the point of observation.

Theres a number of toasters that do the same dam thing.
If it was just a lynx thing i would see it as a bug but its not theres a clear trend

Nah, 100% a bug.

Very similar to the bug where tank and harvester rockets will go 100% accurate and will often go for much longer than necessary.

Still no relavancy in your words.


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