Machines ReSpawn?

I have just heard that machines respawn. Really???

If the machine records the damage i do and then wanders around with that damage for months, what is it doing “respawning” when I kill it???

Now, I can understand if the machines have taken over a factory in that big town I can see in the distance across the bay and that they might spread out from there along the roads, repopulating. Okay, that’s as realistic as the game is. I can even get it when one of those machines might find the wreckage of three destroyed machines, and rebuild one from that wreckage. But respawn? Really? Where’s the fun in that, and what’s the point of killing them? I don’t care about poxy “points”! I want a consistent realism. I want to survive, understand, and save the world if I can. Respawn? That’s just shootemup… :frowning:

Somebody tell me I’ve misunderstood…


These provide ammo, and in some cases other things you might need.
Especially true when Co-op with others, as the normal drops might no longer be sufficient.
Also, respawn is logical, it is the enemy dropping more machines to kill you.

On top, when you head back to a previous location, wouldn’t it horribly suck if it was void of enemy?

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No! Read my reply to you on the other topic - on every game I’ve ever played, I’ve made sure that there was nothing dangerous behind me. I literally clear all enemies and don’t go forward until it’s clear.

Also I never use roads, walk backwards as much as forwards, stop to listen for minutes at a time. I was a Royal Marine and I do this like that. It is realistic enough that I can. Cover from fire, cover from view.

Like I say, I don’t mind them spreading out or rebuilding, but just “appearing”? And it generally takes me more ammo to kill them than I get…

This is not a “clear the zone” kind of game.
It is what it is in here.

I DO know what you say, I am an ex-Belgian para, red beret.
But, again, this is just not that type of game.

Oh well, then I can tell you what’s pissed me off, waiting around to find the .762 and then they reckon it’s less powerful than their poxy hunting rifle! It would go straight through the shipping container, straight through two robots inside and straight back out the other side of the container…

And I get it for the not clear-zone game. I leave as much as I can now, unless i reckon the odds are firmly in my favour. And as for those bloody two-legged things I’ve just met. i may avoid them forever…

you can try, they are quite persistent

Excuse me, but are you fairly new to GZ?
If that is the case, then I get your frustration.
To me it was nearly the same, I had to find the right tactic to deal with each type of machine.
And then there’s the gear and it’s quality.

Once I got to level 10 then, I had the tactics sorted out, for most part.
And now the game is horribly BORING, even with Taxen01’s Hard Mod, when it comes to difficulty.

Weapons then need a rebalance, or better, ammo does.
Some weapons shoot ammo WAY too far for what they are, others come short by miles (literally).
Then, some ammo types have in comparison to other ammo types a totally wrong damage type.
In that regard, you got my full support…

As for actual done damage: weapons have to be “weak” for the game’s sake.
Already the threat is nigh inexistent, improving the actual caused damage would further damage this threat.
Can’t have that in a game where YOU are supposed to be prey, now can we?

Oh yes, a complete baby. I’ve just reached the first two-legged walkers who stomped me. I had nothing in the arsenal which would even damage them. Now, I don’t care about that, I can find something or avoid them, or something - wait for night and sneak to where I need to be - throw lures and sneak past - something.

But as I’ve said to you on the other thread, if it were thought through, it could become an ongoing guerrilla war. Now, you’ve probably finished the game, and I’ve hardly started, so you are way ahead of me.

But for me respawning spoils it and is unnecessary. Oh, you’ve replied to the other, I’ll go over…

AH, that explains a lot.
Soon you figure out how to deal with these bipods, and once you do, well…
Not to mention, you will find slightly better gear.

I’ll give you some very obvious advice: use whatever you get your hands on: movement, terrain, objects, …
Those Tanks are big, and can pack a decent wallop, but they got their weaknesses as well…
Find these and use that against them. :slight_smile:

I’ve finished pretty much everything on my current playthrough and I’m still enjoying the game a lot. I play largely guerilla style. I’m not entirely sure I agree on the enemies being too easy, even the Runners can be quite lethal if they’re packing shotguns with slugs for ammo or rocket launchers. And you can encounter them in big packs, with eight or ten of them! Often other enemies will join the brawl since they’re attracted by the gunfire. About the Tanks, once you aggro them they can spot you even if you’re a kilometer away, so always have cover to avoid the dual 12,7mm guns.

There is a way to limit Machine respawning in certain areas, by taking out the Beacons. Also note that the first island will primarily have Prototype machines like Runners and Seekers, and the peninsula connecting to the main island sometimes have Prototype Hunters and a Tank or two stomping around.

The northern parts of the main island, most notably the Swamplands area can be notoriously difficult with high-tier FNIX Machines roaming in large packs, two or more Tanks, hunting packs of 6-8-12 Hunters, etc. For now, the Norrmyra Artillery base is devoid of enemies, if you need a breather and stock up on supplies but getting there can be a real pain.

You know the area south of the Skarven (?) bunker? There is a patrol consisting of 3 runners + 2 seekers.

I passed this area multiple times, because I’m affected by the CTD issue and I usually avoided the patrol easily.
In one instance however the patrol spawned / traveled all the way south and I decided to take it out. Barely 5 minutes later the exact same patrol had respawned at the camp south of the bunker, exactly the same location where I usually encountered this patrol.
As I said, I’ve been there multiple times and I know there is only one patrol with that composition.

If robots are supposed to be persistent, the system behind it simply doesn’t work.

Inside another early bunker there is a spawn zone that doesn’t get deactivated, so every time you leave the safe room these spiders will spawn all around you.

You can also clear the area around a safe house, restart the game and then it’s random if the enemies have respawned or not.

Don’t expect too much in terms of change here. Making every robot persistent is ‘complicated’ compared to just spawning robots whenever it seems appropriate.


Taking out beacons! The first three times I passed the first beacon i didn’t know what to do with it, but the figures said 0/1 beacon so I thought, I’m s’posed to do something with it! Then I started blowing them up - I’m glad it’s a good idea!

I’m nowhere near the artillery base yet!

I would say the machines are built to survive a certain amount of damage from the common weapon types of Europe 1989. So 5.56 and 7.62 resistance was probably a part of the requirements so the weapons seems fairly well balanced in that regard.

But it is a game and not an simulator of 1989’s robot invasion of Sweden. (If there actually where one I guess Avalance studios would have a lot of real life clips from that event :slight_smile: )

If you wanted to do damage to a machine, you’d leave your 5.56 at home (possibly in the bin) and take out your 7.62. I have friends who had fun one night on the front-line in Korea (yes I am that old) knocking down a house with it. In the morning the house was a pile of rubble…

I have to admit that I have a severe problem with the bunkers being repopulated with bots, I would prefer the bunkers to stay clear (maybe the odd tick, that sneaked in, but not runners and hunters.)

Especially the ones that appear in a close room you have been through.

It’s also quite irritating that they flick around your safe houses, you get killed and then have to fight past a group of 6 hunters.

The weapons are a bit unbalanced (to say the least) but once you get a technique or two for the tanks and harvesters things get a bit more fun.

I still haven’t got anti hunter techniques that I’m happy with and hate running for a building so I have somewhere to use for cover

The only problem I’ve had with that was at a chemical plant (don’t remember the name of the location) where these three Hunters kept respawning in the same location after they’d chase me to the other side of the complex (mind you I never fled outside of the complex area) where I would lure them to explosive tanks and destroy them. Then I’d return to explore the area and they’d be back every single time.

Get your hands on the AI-76 (the AK-47), it’s a Machine killer. And 7.62 rounds are fairly common. Take the perk that nets you more ammo find and you’ll never run out. Personally I use the AG5 (AK5) with a scope, mostly for sniping semi-auto which works well.

A-K47 is it? FN/SLR is better (more accurate over longer distance) and so is the round (go through 3m of Oak). Oh well, I’ll find something somewhere no doubt.

Will be keeping my eyes open for the 66mm American one-shot anti-tank rocket too - but all I’ve seen is a bazooka thing (the guy who crashed my game had one).

True, but bots do supposedly wander in this game, so bots could hypothetically wander into a town / area that’s already been cleared out without having to respawn the killed bots.

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Tanks explode? How do you explode a tank (without an anti-tank missile)…