Machines spot me in impossible ways

Platform: PC

Description: I just did a fast check on latest features and… as soon as I stepped outside of a safehouse I heard Runner scream. He noticed me, although he couldn’t have (there was terrain and lots of trees on the way).
Later I went to Ostervik to see how Tanks react - the same thing happen. Tank saw me through buildings from more than 150m away. I hid in one of the houses and all I heard were ticks deploying, jumping and exploding for eternity.

Steps To Reproduce: Play the game, run around for a while.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070

I’d take a look at visibility and stealth in the skill tree, along with the types of clothing you are wearing and how visible and noisy you are as a good place to start.

Playing on PS4 and having my skills for max. stealth, clothes for max noise reduction, I can confirm that this update for sure broke something.

As @0L0 indicated, someway, somehow, something (often a runner) detects you from miles away and keeps you locked in and out of combat.
You hear something roaring or shooting in the distance and fasttravel is disabled.
Even when the ‘You won combat’-notification has popped up.

Combat music also keeps playing…

In short: They broke something that really needs immediate fixing.


Just as @Ixhaton said same for me with enemies getting aggro’d from ridiculous ranges while on a full stealth build. As well i’ve seen some pretty weird AI behavior, like enemies shooting/meleeing at absolutely nothing, kinda similar to when you’re in a bunker and enemies keep attacking when they’re outside.


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On topic though, I’ve also noticed this, mostly on Tanks. Sometimes, they seem to be able to detect me from afar with that alert noise they do before charging, then they quickly lose me again. But it has happened that they’ve engaged from great distances as well.

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I teleported through about 10 different safehouses and it looks that it happens mostly in and around Ostervik. There runners sometimes bark even on loading screen.

Did a fast run around the hill by the first safehouse and machines behaved normally.

I just did a run and gun from Iboholmen Church, through Sodra and Norra Saltholmen - All normal. But as soon as I passed the safehouse in hangar some machines started acting hyperactive.

So you are saying the enemy AI has become hyper-active north of the archipelago?

I notized the same behaviour what you guys described.

Going to Klinte almost as soon as you spawn you get into “combat” mode without even any machines on sight and one of the Klinte Hunters was shooting air before he even noticed me and didn’t react before I started shooting at it. Had to run to Muskudden Harbor to get out of combat.

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I did some investigating on my own and found that this weird behaviour begins at Saltholmen Church.
Kinda like the empty lootboxes… that also was from the same church and further inland.

Would it be related?

Anyway: This should be looked in to by the devs.

Anyway 2: Is there an official September Update Bug reporting thread - and should this be put in there?

The empty toolboxes bug affected the entire main island except the Archipelago region. There’s the Bug Reports forum, if you need to report anything.

I second that. Just encountered a bunch of runners and two hunters (plus a harvester) that had abandoned a beacon to stand and shoot at a balcony that was nowhere near me. I heard them shooting and screaming way before i got there. I had already been spotted by a hunter when i was biking along a road, but i didn’t see it nor did it find me. I started shooting at the group and only the ones i shot at came at me, the rest continued to shoot at that poor balcony. What gives?

There’s definitely something weird in this update to say the least, my best so far was seeing a tank just sending endless ticks into a house where they would wind up meleeing each other. it’s good for a laugh at least :joy:

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I have played for several hours this evening doing especially silly things like sprinting around the airbase and simply don’t notice anything different from usual - no adverse AI behaviour at all. I am on PC are those reporting weird AI on consoles?

0L0 - I have seen the AI do that frequently in the past. That particular behaviour isn’t new.

Nope. I’m on PC too. Gonna check again today if the same happens. But as several others report the same stuff i regretly think it has to be a bug. I had som weird graphic error as well, like a halucination, that disapeared when i turned around. And i didn’t happen again. Took a screenshot, will post it after work today.

(PS4) - I’ve also experienced the never-ending combat music, even when you’re so far away that you can’t possibly still be in their view, and have been away for a long time, and have been hidden for a long time. But approaching and killing anything in a totally different location then finally stops the persistent combat music from the previous encounter.