Main Mission Bug [Sanctuary]

Platform: PC

Description: Mission Sanctuary, When you’re supposed to reach the vantage point, You instead walk into the church to discover you have no way around the barricades upstairs, With no prompt to remove the table etc. You are in a soft lock from said quest. Being this is a “first” mission it’s quite infuriating.

Steps To Reproduce: Unsure. It’s just always present.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host (single player)

Players in your game: None

Specifications: Geforce RTX 3080

This isnt a bug. You need to head back outside and go to where you found the side missions ‘The Hunter’ and look at the Churches door then you can proceed with the mission.


There are some other topics for this mission, too.

When the objective says “Go to the vantage point” you have to go to the vantage point not to the church. At the vantage point you get next objective. If you skip the objectives, you can’t proceed.

This, sadly is not the problem.
If you cleanly look over. One cannot “complete” that objective cause the barricade is “None interactable”

There is no skipping there is a error in the case of you cannot move the barricade that leads you to the “Objective” you are seeking.

It doesnt, what youre trying to go to is a aide mission, not an objective. Head back outside, back to the car where the ‘The Hunter’ side mission is and look at the church with binos. It will proceed you into the mission where you can interact with the bareicade. It makes no sense to observe the church from the church.

Okay I see what what happen.

That is really freaking weirdly put into context.
Just use Binos at a wood pile…

The great confusion.

I have the same problem with the barricade. I’ve also completed the hunter side-mission (with friends) a long time ago yet I still have an impassible barricade if I want to enter the room in the church. I don’t get the option to interact with the barricade. I’ve tried a bunch yet nothing helps. I need the schematic in there to complete the achievement. It’s a really annoying bug.