Major rendering problem



I want to direct attention to this issue - please try this yourselves and report your findings.


I was getting this the other day and have noticed it since the beginning. It’s like a quick flash in one corner of screen. Seems to happen mostly in houses, especially when cutting a corner real quick when going from room to room.


Yes - thanks for confirming this. I’ve played since May '20, and it’s been bugging me ever since. I just wasn’t able to reproduce it until now. I hope that’ll lead to a fix in time.


I can see this semi-regularly when exploring regular houses, mostly when moving between rooms and upstairs/downstairs.


Yeah I was worried it was my gpu as well. I run nvidia cards and haven’t noticed this in other games I play.


All-AMD here. Gen Zero is not the first game I played in which I experienced flicker per se, but the first one with this kind of flicker. I just hope there’s an easy fix to this, because otherwise, every ‘man-made’ structure in-game will likely have to be adjusted manually should they decide to fix this…


I think I found a reliable test case when entering a wooden shack in front of the Helgaryd church in Stillsjon. Repeatedly entering and backing out of the shack over about 10 seconds while facing its interior gave me multiple instances. Interestingly enough, facing the wall renders the flash on top of the screen, entering it diagonally facing to the right renders the flash in the top left corner, while entering it diagonally facing left renders it in the top right corner.

I was even able to get the issue to stay on screen by standing at a specific point of the doorway.


Thanks for flagging and providing a location you had consistent repro! I was able to reproduce this on my end and have entered a bug to discuss further internally.

Do Devs Respond to Forum Topics

Glad to see something is in the works - wasn’t sure if stuff like that was important enough to make the cut.