[Weird Terrain] Dump miscellaneous terrain issues you see here!


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Weird black ‘shelf’ outdoors under barrel:

Floating road and streetlight:

LOD issue with the caravan next to the road at Salthamn:

Floating stuff at Saltvallen IP:

Hill in middle of road:

Floating road, several parts:
Starts here

and ends here

Water surface in impossible shape at upper cave entrance:

One cave further, upper entrance:

Road texture overlap:

Also floating stuff:

Glitched bullet hole decals:

Terrain issues:

Texture error(?):

edit - found elsewhere too:


Very plasticky-looking dead person:


Texture issue on bridge, depending on angle (and maybe bike):

Strange ploughed rock:

More floaty road textures:


Somewhat hard to see, but the dirt/car track layer on top of the road between the Vassholmens shooting club and the safehouse is hovering right above the road.

Turn left immediately after crossing the bridge.

A part of a hedgerow is hanging in the air at the Klinthytta farm.


ANL 129 Viggohem
Terrain tool issue:

Tessellation morphing:

Very ‘noisy’ aliasing effect on leaves:

Abrupt end of runway down the road:

Överby Air Base:

Floating truck:

Road textures:


Im new and i hope i did this correctly

**Platform: Xbox One

**Description: i was exploring The Torsberga Fort in the game and when i reached this specific room and walked down the stairs and turned around, a clipping issue happened and i got stuck and couldn’t walk back up the stairs. The floor to the left in between the 2 generators starts glitching/flickering and you are able to see through the world too. It didnt capture that part due to the fast flickering it does.(this specific generator room is on the coordinates below)

**Steps To Reproduce: Simply down the stairs and turn around and that clipping issue will appear

**Images / Videos:save_0 save

**Host or Client: Single player

**Players in your game: No one other than myself.:pensive:

**Specifications: Just the original Xbox One


Merged topics. I know I’ve seen this reported elsewhere, but I couldn’t find it.



Floaty road again:

Dead body has neck problems:

z-fighting at barn side:

Snow (only) in the small habitat rooms in Bereskapförrad 115:

also hole on left side of entrance:

Terrain issues at bridge:


Rocks on other shore have lo-fi textures:

And, reported before, thus semi-global - tear in barn wall:

Fence around air base missing between these points:

Terrain tool error:

Same house, stairs blocked by boulder:

Floating gas tank at IGA facility:

Floating decoration at Alnästet:

Floating shack:

Terrain lowered too deep:

Already reported (?):

Road texture issues:

Wall continues inside tower:

‘Light-between-joined-rooms’ issue with extra:
gap between rooms

lit-up door

Next house:

Wrong prop placed - advanced first aid kit on floor, standard first aid kit when picked up.
Saw this discussed before - the writing error on the advanced kit makes it obvious:

This rock has a LOD render problem, wherever it is placed (globally):


Terrain errors:

Sunk well behind barn at Rusksele:

Floating fence ending abruptly above Norrmyra base:

How Do I Get Past Fence Into Airfield?

Walking under the bridge gets you stuck:

Floating road:

Another strange and funny effect - tiny road texture as markings on the airfield, disappears when crouching:

Floating (flying) pallet:

Terrain tool / tessellation problems:

Lo-fi textures on fuel tanks:

Geometry issue:


Floating house:

Terrain tool error:

Ploughed field goes right through road:

Floating (animated) boat on shore:

Terrain issues:

and again, a few meters below:

That one stone again:

and terrain problem at same site:

Terrain tool:

Partially floating walls:



St. Anna Church:


Floating decoration/shed:

Hut placed too high:

Wheelbarrow sunk:

Lighthouse cone passes through roofs:

Terrain tool issues:

Terrain issue - entire area (maybe 7 meters in diameter) is glitchy and jerks the player character around:

Glow-in-the-dark ivy on barns - global issue:

Another one of the barn tears:

Road floating:

Unlootable box in barn:

Floating wall:

Terrain tool issue:

Similar on other shore:


Exposed tree:

That rock again:

Terrain issues:

Terrain issues + jerky movement:


I finally nailed down a really bad issue that happens all the time. When moving in houses, bunkers etc. I always got an intermittent flicker on-screen, mostly some diagonal patterns. I presumed I had a faulty GPU, bad drivers or something like that, but it is in fact the same issue I already mentioned a few times that happens with doors. When passing through ‘seams’ between parts of the models, the game briefly interprets the player to be ‘outside’ of the structure, and illuminates the scene like that. This causes the ‘flickering’ when moving over the thinnest seams and lines in all structures in the game.

To reproduce: Move into the seam, then adjust the camera perspective. It helps to imagine that the seam must cross your ‘head’ (first-person camera).

See the following screens - the bright ‘light’ you see is the error - there should be none.

Major rendering problem
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Some strange hit-box over the campfire.


Levitating bike racks in front of one of the apartment buildings in the Norrmyra Artillery base. I guess I should also include that the staircase doorway is pretty high above ground - I had to jump to enter the building.

One of the corners of the silo thing in the same base is above the ground level.

What looks like a ground texture protruding through the wall in the locked building in front of the entrance to the silo thing.

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Not sure how i should describe this but alot of things to fix here.

2 roads overlaping
Floating road
Road texture bug

In any case this intersection needs a good check-up!




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While there isn’t dedicated topic for lighting issues, these are still part of the misc terrain issues and are well suited in misc terrain issues topic. Hence the merge.
For similarity, the 147th reply here is also about lighting issue that appears in the game.


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