Map and improvements

Hello everyone

not sure if there is a post or not, i searched and nothing what i was looking for showed

but im wondering when the rest of the maps that are part of the game but need the licence or whatever it needs to access the other areas

when are they going to be added or opened? been around the map many times and wanted to know when somthing new on map availability is coming, if anyone has heard anything or devs like to enlighten us on anything

plus is there any improvement on the lag side when coming in proximity to to many machines or the radiation effect lag that i keep experiencing around the appocalype variant of machine

great game, still few little improvements and lag spikes etc but love it, looking forward to those fixes and any new map and machine companions like hunters or tanks or somthing idk would be nice to see


We all want the other islands on the map to be accessible, but there is no mention from the devs, as of yet, that they are working on that.

They are working on improving the performance of the game. Check this topic to learn more.

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The question is: on which system do you @hellmatic play on?

Question 1: i know we all do, i just havent had the time if somthing may have been informed without me knowing, so i thought id ask

Question 2: aslong as there working on the performance of the game im happy with just that, but even under the base assult the amount of lag on consoles and pc is very high

Question 3: i play generation zero on all , so PC, PS4 and Xbox one, i have a upgraded version coming but even still, it should work smoothly across all platforms without issues, so its smooth game play, i understand there is complications and limitations but still best they can get it, and on that note aswell,im glad to see the companion usage in multiplayer has drastically improved, and was working today, until the next game play point where it crashed so not sure on that one, that was on xbox