Matchmaking multiplayer games

Since the beginning the matchmaking/multiplayer part of the game is broken. Just a minute ago I tried to join a multiplayer game, the engine send me to a lone player playing a game on adventure level. I though no sorry waste of time and left the game, clicked on multiplayer game again and set the setting on skirmish pressed the button and the engine again send me to the same player and changed the difficulty back to adventure…

Seriously… the matchmaking is broken since day no. 1. Would it so hard to put in a list of running multiplayer games and let the player pick which game he wants to join? or would it be hard that a players could add games (players) on a blacklist etc?

How come that when I join a game, leave and and try to find a different game I am ending in the same game again? for me there is only 1 explainable reason how such a thing can happen… right now there is no one else playing… except of those 2 players and that would be really sad to see that noone plays your game anymore.

So fix the matchmaking please - its really needed. At least give us a choice which game we want to join buy asking the question “do you want to join [playername] game?” and if we click yes we join it and if we click no then the game tries to find a different game for us. How hard can that be? seriously how hard? I can write that kind of code in less than a hour and I would do it for free too.

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