Matchmaking Timeout Instantly (PC) - Unable to find and join session via "Find Game"

Hey guys, I have been seeing a lot of posts in regards to Matchmaking Timeout being a common issue for PC players via Steam, but I have not come across any fixes or solutions thus far yet.

I have tried reinstalling, port forwarding, changing network settings in-game and even contacted my ISP about tracerouting - but nothing has prevailed.

I noticed this game might be running on Peer 2 Peer networks, so this would probably cause an issue for me who is based in Western Australia.

Every time I select a game to search, the matchmaking timeout message instantly pops up and never takes time to search for a game no matter the language preference or minimum players count.

I’m really disheartened this is happening to me when I purchased this game mainly for the multiplayer experience.

PLEASE help guide towards a solution! I’m desperate!

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Note: I’ve gotten the “Matchmaking timeout” error when there is no live MP games at all for me to join.

Hey @Twitch_zealot8012 :wave:

Let’s try and figure out what is going on here to see if it’s an issue (i.e. bug) or something else! :slight_smile:

Joining sessions via “Find Game” matchmaking only works if there are available sessions to join. Do you know for a fact that there is a joinable session available when you are clicking “Find Game”? e.g. do you have a friend who has hosted a joinable session that you are trying to join via find game?

NOTE: In order for sessions to be “joinable” by anyone the “Who Can Join” setting (found in the multiplayer menu when you have hosted a session) must be set to “Anyone”. However, I believe most players tend to have this setting set to “Invite Only”, which as the name implies, means that you can only join that session by being invited to it and it’ll not be connected to via “Find Game” matchmaking.

Are you able to play multiplayer via e.g. invite or joining a friend via the in-game friends list OR steam interface? Can others join you if you host a session and set the “Who Can Join” setting to “Anyone”?¨

IF you are looking for people to play with you can always try reaching out here in the forum in e.g. the General Discussion section, join the Discord server OR perhaps join one of the Facebook groups or check on the GenZ reddit, as I know people team up through those places sometimes.

Please let us know if this was helpful or if an issue remains after reading this!

Thanks for reporting! :pray:

I can’t understand what the developer is saying.
I want anyone to be able to enter in singleplayer
Enabled multiplayer option.
But no one entered my room.
10 days, not just one day…
At that time, about 1400 people were using the game on the Steam community hub.
Were all 1400 people playing single player or co-op mode? I think there is a problem with the method of the multiplayer connection part.
I am a Korean user, and I do not know where the relay server is connected.
No matching or entering my room.
It’s a full single player game.
Developers should provide feedback on this.

Did you try the opposite way (joining anyones game) ?

Did you try inviting someone else to your game?

I haven’t tested the invite.
Since there is no one to invite, I have to enjoy quick match multiplayer. In the Generation Zero game, there are two multi-methods: invitation multi-method and intrusion into a host room where an unknown open room is opened, but the intrusive matchmaking method does not work. The developer says that all of them use the game for invitation-only, but even if I open the multi as a host, no one enters, and on the contrary, even if I try to enter, a timeout is output saying there is no room. 1400 people playing a game, and all 1400 people playing invitation-only singleplayer?

This is not a competive shooter like CoD.
Most may indeed play alone or just with friends.
You could ask someone here or on Discord to try the invitation.

I’m not talking invite-only multiplayer, I’m talking fast matchmaking multiplayer that anyone can enter.
Generation Zero says the developers offer two ways to play: a local co-op mode where you can invite friends, and multiplayer where anyone can join.

That’s the same.
Generation Zero provides you one game world (now 4, for new game+). It doesn’t matter if you play alone, with up to three invited friends or up to three random players.

It’s coop.