May 25 2023: Tactical Response Update Discussion

Patch 26, the Tactical Response Update, will be released on all platforms on the 25th of May, 2023 !


I recommend watching today’s stream VOD, as @SR_Carni delved into the upcoming update a bit and talked about the development process.

I’m happy the update releases as early as next week. It’ll be fun to see what you guys think about it.

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I always watch the streams, but mostly not life. I always seem to forget, and too busy.

I am mostly looking forward to the procedural missions. I hear that they are like e.g. sabotage missions and I want to see how that will work. Also I wonder how these mission will initiate / be triggered.

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I hope we wont get major bugs with this update.
Procedural missions sound really fun, the way assigments should have always been.
Just dont get why we dont get 3 per day or something like that as other games have…but i guess we cant have everything the way we want it

Anyone has clues to what the new equipment is?
C4 explosive?
small kamikaze ground drones? (or gnomes)
Mobile EMP station?

What could it be? A Nimbus 2000 Dart-stick?


A new rocket type for the RPG-7.

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Ok… that is super weird

An explosive arrow?
Also looks like a drone, but its 1990 and not the 2020´s .

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Explosive Lawn darts

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I was hoping for an explosive javelin like in Mad Max; something easier to target than a grenade and maybe perk up the throwing skills a bit.

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Another micro-dlc?




You don’t even know about it’s contents, don’t be so quick to judge.


I do know every other micro dlc they have released though. Pretty easy line to follow.

Even if they released a high quality micro-dlc, which history says they will not, it is still yet another micro-dlc tacked onto a game floundering from their weight. No idea why they continue to release more and more when a lot of what they have is broken in one way or another.

At some point half the actual game will be straight DLC. Fate of every APEX game I guess.


Let’s wait to see what’s in this pack before rating it. :muscle: It may be something even cooler than other small DLC


You did notice that only part of the update is a DLC (Tactical equipment)? The mission, performance and QOL parts are not. :sunglasses:

Yes, I read the letter.

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Then why are you still playing?

And isn’t there some beauty in it?
Just think about hilarious bugs in all your Games you played and were able to abuse and experience before they disappeared.

Also programming is trial and error and the fanbase of a Game has ALWAYS people that crave content no matter if its 100% working or not.
Be gratefull for that the Devs are even listening to this awsome Community :wink: and trying to fullfill everyone’s wishes.

If you dont like it dont use it.


I do not play it.


Think about all the gamebreaking bugs and performance issues that took them years to fix. And the ones that have not disappeared yet.

They are fulfilling peoples wishes in ways that are easy and make them money. If thye actually listened they would fix the multiple DLC’s they have out, instead they make more and add more bugs.

I don’t and won’t. Them taking time for yet another micro-dlc is time they could use to, at mininum, fix the issues their other packs have.


Then why are you here? :eyes:
Please dont take this the wrong way but if you complain about a game and its devs for the content without playing it, it feels more like a bad review. (this forum is not the right place for that)


To give feedback on the game so they can improve it.

I have played it, a lot.



As far as I know there are different departments for development of new content and bugfixing.

And there will be a list of priorities, major and minor issues.

And I bet that they focus on solving the major issues instead of solving the smallest and maybe fastest ones. Otherwise you, or wait, you don’t even play the game, others would complain that they just fix useless stuff while the gamebreaking bugs aren’t touched.

They do the very best they can to give us the best experience. The game was announced as an evolving one with continious content updates, inspired even by the communities input. That’s what we have and what we get. And of course not everything’s for free, but just low prices. And nothing is necessary to play the game. It’s not even a competive game with something like pay to win. It’s just for joy.

I don’t know what to say more. Like it or leave it, but don’t spread your hate.