Meet the Developers - Pt. 2: The Live Team


Hello friends!

It’s been quite a while since our old Meet the Developers thread was created here on the forum, and a lot has happened since then (both in the team and in the game)! So we thought we’d reboot that format introducing the Generation Zero Live Team here in this new thread. Some of them you’ve already met on stream, but all kinds of cool people from the team should be showing up here to introduce themselves in the near future, so stay tuned to meet the team! Also, even though we really love all your replies and posts, we’re going to try to keep it to only the devs in this thread, so dont be sad if your post is removed in here :slight_smile:

Since im the one starting this topic, ill go first! Even though you might already know who i am :slight_smile:

Name: Pontus a.k.a Kissemiss/gipskatt
Tilte: Community Manager
Fun Fact: Travel is life and i’ve flown more than 20 laps arount the world :earth_africa: People often think that i tild my keyboard in a strange way when i play games… Do i really though? :point_down:


Hey there everyone! You might recognize me from my original Meet The Devs post, back when I first joined Avalanche and Generation Zero!

Name: Lauren aka sailorscooby
Title: Lead Producer // Live Producer
Fun Fact: I’ve become completely addicted to yoga and weightlifting in the time since my last post.


I guess I’ll go next! I’m one of the game designers on the team. During my time on Generation Zero, I’ve brought about the ideas and implementation of the first four Challenge Trees, the Experimental LMG (Electro-gun), Apocalypse Harvester and Melee Weapons to fruition. Other than that I’ve also created many of the mysterious locations in the world. :alien::v:

Name: Patrick aka ZeoXFatalis
Title: Game Designer // World Designer
Fun Fact: I’ve played every single Final Fantasy game from start to finish except III, XI and XIV. I also love the Monster Hunter games. I also enjoy reading or watching things related to horror or the paranormal just because it’s fun. Oh, and cats. Yes, cats too. Cats are amazing. :cat2:


Sound designer here. The bleeps, the bloops, the crash boom bangs you hear in the game came from me, built atop the work the earlier audio director of the project. Lately I’ve dabbled in particle effects too, it’s fun (I had really missed doing it in the old days).

Before Generation Zero I worked on the audio of Just Cause 3 and Rage 2. Until 2011 I worked at Remedy Entertainment, Finland, on games like Max Payne and Alan Wake. You may have heard my music in Bejeweled 1-3 / Twist.

I maintain an array of obsessions that hopefully are also helpful in my line of work. Such as, virtual reality, ambisonic and ultrasonic recording and spatial audio, VR180 3D video and random photo- and videography.

Name: Peter Hajba / scene alias: Skaven252 (only used outside the gamedev scene)
Title: Audio Designer
Fun Fact: Watching stuff in reverse, I can’t stop laughing. Even if it’s an entire movie in reverse. Ever watched The Room in reverse? Heeee-larious. Makes more sense in reverse, in fact.


Hello! I’m a Mission Designer and just join the team in January this year. I’m responsible for creating the missions.
Before Generation Zero, I was mainly working on Just Cause 4 in Avalanche NY as Technical Designer, and theHunter: Call of the Wild after that.

Name : Diana Wang
Title : Mission Designer
Fun Fact : I can talk about Disney or Broadway musicals for HOURS. I also used to sing and dance a lot (but not at the same time lol). In the past few years, I start doing cosplay.


Hello there :wave: If you occasionally “hang out” in this forum you may have seen me around responding to bug reports, asking for save files and additional information, etc. As someone who’s on here now and then I just want to say that we REALLY appreciate that so many of you take the time to write bug reports that provide us with information which helps us identify and fix issues which leads to the improvement of the game! (feedback, discussions and other community content are also nice to see even if I must admit I personally, as QA, spend most of my time in the bug report section).

I have been a part of the GenZero team since about half a year before it was released so I have been in both the development team and the live team. Prior to working at Systemic Reaction (Avalanche Studios Group) I did my internship at Fatshark working as QA on Vermintide II and before that I did some freelance “indie” game development, and prior to that I freelanced within the film and video production industry.

Name: Tomas aka knivspark
Title: Experienced QA
Fun Fact: I grew up on a dairy farm in the “southern north” of Sweden and even if I was never much for the farmer lifestyle and that kind of work I have the utmost respect for the hard work that it is. Whenever asked I would help my family out with e.g. the annual harvest, driving tractor for hours and hours, week after week, and while bumping around in the tractor seat I would be thinking and dreaming about doing something completely different. I would fantasize and think about movies and video games that didn’t exist, make up my own stories and games in my head and after I was done “tractoring about” for the day I would draw sketches and write my ideas down in one of my many notebooks or sketchbooks. My parents, especially my mother, noticed this early on and was always very encouraging of me wanting to pursue something else and I am forever grateful for her believing in me and encouraging me to do what I wanted to do. There were without a doubt a lot of skeptics around me that doubted that I would be able to find work within film or games after moving from a tiny village with ~20 people and relocating to “the big city” (Stockholm), but here I am many years later and I may not be a Spielberg or Shigeru Miyamoto (yet), but I have worked within both of the industries I dreamed about and I continue to do so. I consider myself very fortunate and I guess I just wanted to share this personal little background story with you guys.

Sorry for the wall of text :sweat_smile: TLDR; DO YOUR THING and don’t let the skeptics prevent you from pursuing something you really want to do.


Hello everyone! I’m the lead designer of the live team. In addition to coordinating and supporting the various members of the design team, this also means that I’m in charge of the general design direction of the game. This occupies most of my time, but I also try to do some system design on things like crafting, combat and progression whenever I can find a gap in my schedule.

Name : Björn Öjlert
Title : Lead Game Designer
Fun Fact : Generation Zero shares a lot of systems with CotW, including a ridiculously realistic ballistics system that I originally designed many years ago for theHunter: Classic. The system simulates almost anything that you can think of when it comes to projectiles including air pressure, zeroing, bullet coefficients and ballistic tables.

Meusser Hunting Rifle Inverse Bullet Drop

Hello, fellow survivors! I’m Laura and I’m one of the Game Designers on Generation Zero.

I joined the team last October as a QA Engineer and switched to Game Design earlier this year. I’ve previously done QA work on Rage 2, specifically on the two DLCs.

You can usually find me on the Generation Zero discord, appreciating all the beautiful screenshots and fabulous memes!

Name: Laura
Title: Game Designer
Fun Fact: I once had a summer job where I played a ghost and scared people in a pitch-black labyrinth. It was indeed fun :smiling_imp:

Here’s a completely realistic photo of me hunting machines together with my cat Jodie: