Meet the Developers


Hi all!

We thought it would be interesting for you all if we put some names to faces and let you “meet” the people behind the development behind Generation Zero. I’ll kick this off and the Dev Team should start dropping by to fill out their info over the next day or two.

So, first up, me!

Name: Graham (Avalanche_Graham on Discord etc.)

Title: Senior Community Manager

Fun Fact: My most beloved possession is an Anova sous vide immersion heater. Yes, I’m a food nerd. :smiley: I also like to shoot things with arrows.


Hi all - Excited to be here and start chatting with you. Some quick info on me!

Name: Paul Keslin (Avalanche_Paul on Discord, TheVestalViking on Twitter / gaming platforms)

Title: Product Owner

Fun Facts: Outside of spending time playing RPGs and Action/Adventure games, I recently started curling! I also love just about everything Star Wars.


Name: Richard (Avalance_Rich on Discord)

Title: UI Artist

Fun Facts: Long before the days of Google Maps, I once got myself so lost in Osaka in the pouring rain, the only way I got back to the train station was by following signs featuring Pikachu and Togepi.

I’m also super into weightlifting, fitness and all that fun stuff.

See you later! :wave:


Hi everyone, nice to meet you, here is my quick info!

Name: Björn (Avalanche_Björn on Discord)

Title: Senior Game Designer

Fun Facts: I’ve been lead designer on all our hunting games, which means that I know a crazy amount about the subject, but I’ve never gone hunting in real life. I play most types of games, but I tend to gravitate toward sandbox experiences with lots of intricate systems.


Hello yo!

Name: Tomas L (nickname: knivspark)

Title: Junior QA Engineer

Fun Facts: My greatest fears are sharks and knives and my ultimate fear would be a shark with knives for teeth, which you could argue it basically has, but picture a wide assortment of various kitchen knives etc jammed up in it’s gums with the pointy ends outwards, pretty unpleasant amirite?



Hi everyone!

Name: Greg (nickname: Avalanche_Greg)

Title: Senior Dialogue/Localization Coordinator

Fun Facts: Language geek - I tend to learn foreign languages for fun -_-
I’ve been a huge Fire Emblem nerd ever since the first localized title released in the West (2004?), which means I’ve put in 100+ hours in each and every one of them over the years - the only exception being Heroes, the mobile game.
Also a huge Saint Seiya (aka Knights of the Zodiac) fan. And I do theater in my spare time.


Hi all, great to have you here! Here’s some bits about me:

Name: Emil Kraftling

Title: Game Director

Fun facts: I overconsume Pepsi MAX and I’m a sucker for anything historical. Most unexpected talent: pumpkin-carving.


Helloes to all of you.

Name: Peter Hajba (nick: Skaven252)

Title: Sound Designer

Fun facts:

  • Civilian hobbies: making music (only as a hobby!), making VR180 videos with spatial audio
  • As a kid, I learned to read in a graveyard, by spelling out names on the tombstones.


Hey everyone! I’m excited for all of you to play Generation Zero!

Name: Lauren (sailorscooby on sns / gaming platforms)

Title: Experienced Producer

Fun Facts: I absolutely love anime and western animation, and have been called upon as “anime shazam” by friends and strangers of the internet. I was within the first 25 people to pre-order both G Gundam Ultimate Collector’s Edition and A Silent Voice when they went live at my favorite distribution company.


Name: Paul (Discord - Avalanche_pahe)

Title: In-game Animator

Fun Facts: I like to wear shorts all year round.


Hello everyone, looking forward to being able to play the game with you soon.

Name: Daniel (Discord - Avalanche_DanM)

Title: Programmer

Fun Facts: Once wore a tin-foil hat to a university lecture on assembly programming


Hello everyone, my name is Ioan, and I am the mission designer at Generation Zero.

Name: Ioan (Discord - AnthriX)

Title: Mission Designer

Fun Facts: I love to “clang” swords and shoot arrows at the “invading hordes” at medieval reenactments.


Hello everyone. Its really great to be part of the Gen Zero team; I`m really exited to be able to play the game with you on launch day!

Name: Ramona
Title: Release Manager

I love cats ( who doesn’t), almost everything Japan-related (plushies, matcha tea, sushi, animes, you name it!), drawing digitally as a hobby and krav maga cause self-defense classes counts as a fun way to do your weekly exercise.
Most unexpected talent - turns out I am pretty good at opera singing.

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