Memory leak associated with FINIX control points

Every time I approach a FINIX (controlled) Control Point, my game crashes.

Platform: PC
Description: Whenever I approach a FINIX (controlled) Control Point I start to hear Honking and gun fire from the wall guns. I am not actually close enough to even fire at the FINIX installation. If you continue to approach, the game crashes.

To reproduce: Let FINIX take an control point and leave it alone for a while. Let it level up once or twice. The walk you character toward this FINIX installation. In my case the game starts to slow down and will eventually crash.

Single or multi-user (when I am hosting).

Specs: (Thinkpad P71) i7, 4 core, 16GB


this has been reported many times as the game it self is not powerful enough to run itself unfortunately there is no fixe yet as the devs have other concerns it’s best to destroy them as soon as possible to keep going with as little lag as possible so good luck and welcome to the forum

I still cannot wrap my head around how such a catastrophic flaw with even a basic game function was ever even let past testing and QA.
They literally programmed a mechanic that causes a memory leak, how did not one tester or heck, game dev, not notice this? Do they just not check their work at all?


I cannot wrap my head around WHY they even decided to focus on this plague of a game function at all.

Control points is just boring - plain and simple.

I get the feeling that the devs have run out of steam to bring the lore or story further so now they just throw s-it at the wall and see what sticks, or even worse throw said s-it at the wall without even trying it out properly.

I was fine with the one resistance base because that was something you just could ignore, but these control points is a nuisance that even if you ignore them they affect the game in such a damaging way that the game stop working and to top it off all the control points have caused bots to appear/disappear in front of your eyes.

I stopped playing the game shortly after this update and I dont really know if I will go back even if they fix the game breaking stuff because the control points are just a drag on the whole gameplay.


I haven’t played for weeks now, too.
I just have too many fnix bases and my game just has many issues or crashes.

Base attack and defense isn’t bad at all.
The new waves are much more challenging than before. Fnix bases are ok. Always the same even if they look slightly different, but ok.

But why didn’t they just add one control point per region?

That would have been enough variety.

There could have been an effect on the maximum region level or the max amount of rivals depending on who owns the controls the point.

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You have some good thoughts that I think would be a much better implementation of the control points, one per region and making controlling them worth while with more rivals would be a great improvement.

Alas I dont see the devs backing down from having all these control points and I also dont see them fixing the issue with control points affecting spawn of free roaming bots.
I hope that I am wrong but the devs seem hell bent on continuing on this path.


Hi @sjmunroe,

Thank You so very much for Your bug!
Could You be so kind and specify:
Frequency(example: 5 times happened, 10 times played)
More information:

  • How many FNIX Bases are on Your map when this happened
  • Which level are they on
  • Which FNIX Base did You try to approach (Specify name of the Control Point and the region pls)?

This is more of a general question for anyone to answer:

  • How many players are affected by this Crash specifically?

Thank You so much for reporting and for letting us know.
Thank You so much in advance.

/Kira T.


On PC, it’s 10 games, 10 crashes, either hosted or being a guest. Anytime I hear distant base alarms i know that crash is inevitable


Happens to me on PS5, too.
I currently have about 10 FNIX-bases in total in my game.
It started getting bad after the 6th base, I guess.

That’s an issue, to answer your question, that affects all players somehow, but I don’t know if the number of FNIX-bases that lead to this issue is the same for all systems or if XBOX One S or PS4slim users are affected earlier.

How much FNIX-bases do you have on your map, when the game starts crashing while approaching them?
  • 1-4
  • 5-8
  • More than 8

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@sjmunroe Can you elaborate on the part in the topic title about the Memory leak?

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I too have the same problem on PC. There are 11 FNIX bases. But I can’t destroy any because the game crashes first every time and every day :frowning:

look >>>>> <<<<<

It’s a coding term. Usually relates to a bug where resources allocated to memory / “objects” aren’t freed / released when they’re no longer needed.

It’s a common source of crashes, the symptoms here fit the bill.


It seems that I can’t destroy them, too because every time I try to destroy a shield generator the “hold E to open”-prompt looks like the progress bar is stuck in an endless loop…

And so to me it’s just a huge waste of ammo with no outcome…

Stopped playing after that…

Ah. I see. I wondered about this, because I didn’t saw any mentioning from the OP about where this came from. Thanks for explaining.

It’s just guess and it’s a term that gets bandied about / attached to bugs by non devs a lot of the time. It could well be a memory leak, but it could anything really.

I don’t think it’s any one thing in all honesty. The underlying problem, or symptoms of it have been with us since Feb '20 at least. That was when I first encountered infinite ticks, and shortly after, gnomes.

Personally, I think the FNIX bases or at least the spawning of enemies in a concentrated location is what’s pushing it over the edge and triggering the underlying problem. Which then spirals into a feedback loop causing all kinds of problems and eventually crashes the game.

By managing the bases you’re not spawning as many clusters of enemies in small locations. I’ve been testing on PS5 & PC as my Xbox save is unplayable. Keeping the bases low keeps the game more stable. It’s as simple as that. The more FNIX bases the worse it gets.


So because I claimed all 10 possible control points early in the game, I haven’t been experiencing the crashes. And because I was busy levelling up to level 100, (a goal I set myself) I also kept the FNIX bases at a minimum. :coffee:


Are you open to some feedback on the XB side of things?

It is happening to me as well. Was at Airfield and had two FNIX Tanks and two FNIX Hunters. First, half of the loot boxes would give no option to open them when I approached. Then, Hunters Flack cannon would shoot, but not register the hit of the flack cannon. Then I hid and got out of combat to search web for problem and I could hear them hanging outside the safehouse building. Then they disappeared all of a sudden. The tank mortar shots would shoot up and land, but instead of exploding, there was a jet of flames shooting out of the ground where it landed. All the while I could hear the stuff raining down on the Control Point Just North of airfield toward Eastern end. I killed both tanks, but game crashed shortly after. This crap has been going on for weeks. FNIX has control of pretty much all Control Points. I am trying to do missions and the FEMTEL assignments. Also, the FNIX tanks and Hunters all had Tick pods on them. The tick would drop, spin fast while moving away and then just disappear. One of my FEMTEL assignments was to destroy 25 ticks, I figured the Airbase is a perfect place to farm the FNIX Hunters for Ticks, but not if they don’t actually spawn. I love this game, but there is too much stuff being crammed into it to the point it is unplayable in its current state. I love the new Russian Bots too, but this base stuff should be kept to a minimum especially in a single player game. I only play single player. One other issued is sometimes when loot boxes don’t open my HUD completely disappears, so I don’t know how much health, what weapon, ammo I am using. Also, the binoculars Tech mode doesn’t show the components and damage amount, but does show heat signature. My game crashes every time get near a control point and they are freaking everywhere to the point I have no place to hunt bots or do missions without being close enough to one to cause massive issues. So, I guess this game is dead to me until this gets fixed.

Airbase is a good choice. Not because of the hunters, but because of the fnix outpost there. There are some ticks at the walls.
There are others outposts where you can farm them as well. Another good location is the cave-route on himfjäll in northeast.

By this I easily made the challenge where you have to destroy hundreds of ticks with a bat or a melee weapon.