Minken Bunker glitch/halts mission progress


There is a glitch in the Minken bunker mission where in the shipping container where the robot is that is draining the power, if you destroy it before you are prompted to “find out what is draining the power” (like I did) you cannot progress further on to find the war board and unlock more missions. Also, I’m noticing many containers have loot boxes in them but you get stuck in between the crates or whatever else is in the container. Or you just can’t even get into the container as it’s blocked with stuff on both ends. I’m loving the game, but I can’t put up with these issues for long… I suggest adding an option to reset each and every mission for people to be able to replay the ones they like, and also would be a simple fix to something like this. I don’t mind buying 2 copies of your game, one for my friend and I, as I really like the game and understand you are a small team working on it. So please put the money to good use and continue to work on the game and fix the several known issues. In my honest opinion tho, the devs should’ve not been so eager to release it so fast without properly testing it thru the community and betas. Or they should’ve left it as early access and charged like $25 for it…

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