Minken Warboard completely empty



Platform: PC

Description: As the title says, theres no missions on my Minken Warboard. Its just empty. Quest does not update when i click it. Keeps telling me to grab missions from the Warboard.

Steps To Reproduce: I cleared Minken bunker on my savegame.

Images / Videos: Can go there again and grab one. But its just empty.

Host or Client: I was hosting a MP game when i cleared the bunker first time.

Players in your game: 2+me i think

Specifications: Ryzen 9 3900x 32gb ram RTX 2070 Super NVME SSDs RAID 0 array

Minken Bunker glitch/halts mission progress

Were you and your buddy both collecting barcodes, and if so were you the first to collect all 3?


This has been reported before. Maybe there is help over there?


So apparently you can destroy peoples savegames by intentionally killing robots and picking up cards. Troll of the year. Its a nice way for other game companies to disrupt competition, if they want to.


Note sure why that happens. I have picked up cards before in my buddy’s world without issue. Does not seem to be deterministic.


Hello @Clakz and anyone else watching this thread :wave:

If anyone on PC is experiencing this issue and is willing to send us a copy of their save please follow the steps in the linked post below:

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:


There is a glitch in the Minken bunker mission where in the shipping container where the robot is that is draining the power, if you destroy it before you are prompted to “find out what is draining the power” (like I did) you cannot progress further on to find the war board and unlock more missions. Also, I’m noticing many containers have loot boxes in them but you get stuck in between the crates or whatever else is in the container. Or you just can’t even get into the container as it’s blocked with stuff on both ends. I’m loving the game, but I can’t put up with these issues for long… I suggest adding an option to reset each and every mission for people to be able to replay the ones they like, and also would be a simple fix to something like this. I don’t mind buying 2 copies of your game, one for my friend and I, as I really like the game and understand you are a small team working on it. So please put the money to good use and continue to work on the game and fix the several known issues. In my honest opinion tho, the devs should’ve not been so eager to release it so fast without properly testing it thru the community and betas. Or they should’ve left it as early access and charged like $25 for it…


Have you restarted the game already or is it still bugging? Cause as far as i know the bugs in Minken have been fixed.


Have not restarted the game no maybe I’ll try again. You don’t mean like restart my whole game tho right?


When I got back on GZ I went back to Minken bunker to see if it reset or something… it didn’t :disappointed: the shipping container with the walker inside of it that is “draining the power” is still destroyed. All the robots respawned tho, and it appeared the power was set back off, which I turned on a step or 2 before, but those previous 3 parts to the mission were still completed in my log, and it’s just kept highlighting/marking that container. I’ve exploded so many things in there but I watched a guy do it on YT and when he got to that step all he had to do was destroy the bot in container and then it went on with the mission. I also watched a guy do the same thing I did by destroying it early and couldn’t progress. This is keeping me from discovering other missions tho as I can’t access the war board, and I’m worried now if I explore and am picking up papers or listening to parts of missions I don’t have unlocked thru the war board if it will glitch those out too when I get to them.


Is this a save that you have played on before the april patch or not?


I just got the game like not even a week ago. So yes, this is an ongoing issue and now I’m just kind of stuck. I can’t unlock the missions for that area now, and when I find the area where they’re supposed to be it shows the world mission icon but just says “no title provided” and it doesn’t show up in my log.


I have same bug no matter what i do can’t finish the mission. If you kill the runner to early you can’t finish mission and get into war room.


I’ve found a solution. Get a friend to join your game, and then bring them there. They will be able to see the walker NOT destroyed, they blow it up and then it progresses. I just did it a few days ago.


The quest is still broken for me as well even after the patch.
Sadly my other friend who plays the game have already completed the mission so I cant bring him there to finish it :frowning:


When fast traveling to the safe house in Minken, I cannot open the double green doors from the inside (quest completed) to exit, but I can open them from the outside.


Hello everyone, I know this a late reply but I found a fix to it if you are playing solo, I destroyed the walker before as well, but when I got the quest to destroy it after messing with the power, all I did was shoot a rocket into the container, im sure any explosion will fix it though.


You play PS4? I could try and help ya out mate.


We have the same, but now we can get to war board but it’s just a blank map - mission is ticked but marker is still up to say to interact with it :sweat:


Just went into some else’s game and did it and they progressed with the missions showing up but no missions for us, still just a blank war map