Missing map Icon and building in the PS4 version

After i was forced to delete my characters and save data from the console and start fresh which corrected some issues i was having i noticed a couple of new things that appear to be bugged in the game

first is the missing settlement icon for Salthamn in the Archipelago Region it was there but now for the life of me i can’t get it to reappear.

Second as i scrolled the map i noticed that it seems the main building for the hotel on Himfjall island is missing, now as i’m not yet close to level to go to that area yet i don’t know if it’s just a glitch with the map or if the building itself is missing, i remember none of the buildings were there at all anywhere on Himfjall at one point and that was patched but that was a few patches ago and it’s been months now since the PS4 version was patched and I am aware that things have been slow due to the pandemic but if you could look into this when you have the time it would be most appreciated.

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