Missing or losing Experimental KVM 59

Over the last 2 months I have lost two fully 5-star attachment(s) KVM 59. As it is typically my most useful weapon; I take great care in making sure it is not inadvertently dropped or recycled.
However it seems to be the only weapon that I can’t keep!

PC, both have disappeared in solo play. My friend that occasionally plays multi with me has also lost 2 KVM’s. Bug?

I have the same problem, i share 1 kvm xpm 59 and lost 3 in inventory, in the box inventory. so wtf is going on here. Fix that bug damit. Whats wrong with this developers, they dont care or what?

Loosing one of your best guns sucks.

But bug or not… If you are on Pc, then for some assurance, start making multiple manual saves at critical points, that way you can never loose a gun. Because you can load the save from before you lost it.

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