Missing Sillavik Mission

Platform: PlayStation 5

Description: There’s a mission in Sillavik (South Coast Region) that even if you complete it, the counter does not go down. I have no idea why but it is preventing me from completing the Cataclysm day challenge and get the aviator mask.

Steps To Reproduce: It is persistent in every world, not just one.

Images / Videos: I’d add a video if it’d let me.

Host or Client: I’m not entirely sure

Players in your game: Any

Specifications: The mission in the town is “To the Light House”, I’ve done it in two worlds, one regularly and the other I speedran it, and it says 0/1 missions when you hover over Sillavik.

Seems to be an issue for more than just you.
Maybe there is a solution in one of these topics.

No solution anywhere, that I know of. Buddy of mine and I are both in the “0/1 Sillavik Missions” club, too.

There have been similar issues with other locations over the years, and the devs have slowly been fixing them, so maybe Sillavik will get fixed one of these days…

I wonder if it has anything to do with some South Coast locations being tagged wrong… Angeras Church, up near Angsnas Manor, and “Angeras Church (Sillavik Church, Sillavik Safehouse, which isn’t IN Sillavik but just outside of it)” down near Sillavik…

I found the problem: the counter for the town is broken, the missing mission is “Seeds of doubt” and it’s in a farm towards the middle of the region. It’s inside a house at the location Knaperänna Farm, though there’s no counter for missions at it there is in fact a mission. I did that and the thingy was fixed.