Missing weapon in Asö

Greetings peop,

New player, I’m taking the game really slow, leaving no stone unturned.
I finally got to the farmalnds and was completing the Asö settlement. I found one weapon in a warehouse, inside a weapon case, and another in a burning building, further to the north, under these coordinates (taken from another post):

  • 2* .243 s-rifle (-811, 1930)
  • 2* AG5 (-836, 2028)

However, the one that was not in the weapon case, conted for the completion of the nearby location of Arneröd. As such, is there a new weapon in this area, or is this a bug?

Tnx in advance.

Welcome to the forums. Please do not link to the deca map, as it uses data mining which is against the EULA. I have edited your post.


I see. Is there another resource I may use? Didn’t manage to find another option.
Also, main topic. That weapon in Aso is annoying me.

The AG5 is the only weapon in Aso, as indicated by the info card when you hover over the location in the map. That HR is for Arnerod as that location also only has 1 weapon.

You can use the wiki, or Gysbert’s map, located here.

Tnx for the resources and the info.
So, in short, the game decided to bug on me. Am I gonna miss some achievement or whatever because of this?

No. Finding weapons is no part of any challenge or achievement.

the other weapon and collectible are in a small phone booth behind the warehouse