Mission Reset/New Game Plus

First off I’d like to say I love this game and have loved the time I’ve put into it! But one thing I’d love to see implemented would be like a New Game Plus or Mission Reset feature. I think that would really enhance the replayability of the game as a whole. I know I for one would love to see it and I’ve seen threads elsewhere that mention wanting a feature like this as well.

The latest update brought us 4 instead of just 1 world. You can now start a new world with an existing or a new character, but your plundra and ressources always are shared.

When starting a new world, all missions are reset, all locations are undiscovered, all bases are gone.

It’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?

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I did not know that was there! Thank you for sharing!

@Zesiir He got his answer, there is no more a need for this request.
I would say its time to delete or lock this down :wink:

Any chance to have a new world option that doesn’t share resources and plundra?

No, we cant have everything.
I would like to have a “new world” where we have 4 times the nr of enemies and weapons need to be repaired like in Stalker games.

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Since it’s already a feature, I’ll close this one. Discussions about the Dark Skies
update can be had in this thread.