Missions Aren’t in the chronological order

I started a new Campaign, I i saw that missions aren’t in the chronological order.
I started to complete intro missions, then I started to complete FNIX Rising DLC missions, and then some of main missions. The missions are in the order that you complete. In the next update, I hope they will fix this thing and make the Campaign better.


I noticed this as well. All the missions that used to be in a nice chronological order in my log are now placed in order of completion, with the latest at the top.

Seems like a downgrade, it’s harder to navigate now and it looks less organized. Not sure what they were thinking.

In fact there is no chronological order for the missions. You are almost free to choose the mission you like to do.

But in my eyes THAT is part of the problem, because it even counts for dlc missions.

You should not be able to start fnix rising or alpine unrest right from the beginning.
Of course, it’s much work to do, but the devs should look at every missions requirements and improve them for at least a minimum of chronological and logical sense.

And this chronological and logical order should be displayed in the log.

Before the New Dawn Update, I think, I’m not sure, the missions were in the chronological order, but now are in the completion order.

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The DLC missions have always been available upon completion of Vesslan Command Bunker. Unless you mean that in the log everything is in the most random order they could have possibly made it.

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That’s what we’re talking about, completed missions in the log used to be appear in a semi-chronological order. Now it seems they appear in order of completion

Here’s a post showing how they used to appear in the log. You can see that it used to show the base game missions in a rough order that a new player might take (starting at the Archipelago and ending in the North Coast), then the last 4 main missions, then Alpine Unrest, then FNIX Rising, then Good News and then the Soviet missions. That’s pretty much chronological.

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I recall many games do this - you have a basic game with a perfect story line, and with each DLC suddenly pop-ups NPCs which you can “talk” to and start the DLC story in parallel. Like Borderlands. A really good example how to do it properly is Horizon: Zero Dawn, where finishing the DLC before starting last missions actually brings DLC NPCs to your help, which is neat.

Otherwise it may be a bit misleading to capture the story line when you jump between base game and DLC.

We also have an extra mission name. “Civil Defense”.

The missions were in order of the region, where all missions in a region were listed together. Made it very easy to see what missions were still needed or that you lacked in completing. But now they are just scrambled. Mine are not in any order at all. So if I wanted to see what I still need to do in the farmlands I would have to know how many missions there are, then scroll through the whole list and count how many can count. Putting them in the order of the region made a lot of sense.

It was also where all the DLC missions were together and so on. What a mess it is now. This must be from what the dev team found in the polls on not wanting the missions in ANY order and just scramble them from time to time.

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I think that it should be Main story-> Alphine unrest → FNIX rising + soviet stuff

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