Mobile phone ringtones& sounds from GZ


I would love to have those robot sounds as pack for mobile phone. Would be just cool phone making sounds like those big robots.
Tick sounds, Hunter calls, or even those big robots loud honky sounds.
Personal generation zero robot in your pocket. :smiley:

Yes, please!


I personally will used the seekers siren for notifications


That would be awesome. I would love getting a notification and hear the call of a hunter.


This would really scare me. I’m working the night shift at the bar to pay off my student debt, and if my phone goes off with a hunter noise, I’d actually freak out.


The tank bellow of rage really loud would require me to carry a spare pair of underwear.


Yes, they do sometimes send spine-tinging sensations. :grin:


I made a small pack here:


Thank you for making me wet myself at work.


The church organ version of the theme music would be cool too.


I’m not familiar with this, is it part of the credits, or where does it appear? :thinking:


It can be heard as one of the three songs played on the organs in the church when you interact with it.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Silly me - and I play the piano for real, and I didn’t ever think about interacting with the organ… :roll_eyes:
I think an updated pack might be on the way soon.


Off topic little.
Yes, and it works as lure device, like the church bells does.


Yeah, hunter’s the worst for me too. :smiley:
That said, I have an automatic cat feeder. It only activates thrice a day, so I don’t usually hear it, but when I do, it’s at night, and it’s this really angry, mechanical sound that I can’t immediately place, especially not if I’ve just woken up. It’s really been quite the jump scare since I started playing the game. :smile:


The violin ringtones version is also a great thing that you should try


Did you ever get round to the updated pack?


I did one update yes, with Hunter and Tank sounds, and organ version.


Thank you m’dear - I shall replace my ringtone with 'im organ… :smiley: