Möller PP Bug found

Hello there, i already had an Möller PP with 3 crowns and everything was fine in fights. Then i had to reset my character because of another bug and now i have a Möller PP with 3 crowns again and noticed a bug.

When in the secondary weaponslot the Möller PP is fine when you select it for the first time, but when you switch to another weapon and want to go back to the Pistol you can press the Button for your Secondary weapon as often as you want, it doesn’t switch.

I don’t know if i’m the only one with this problem but yeah… i just wanted to make it puplic as Feedback so the Bug gets fixed. In fact it can be very bad in a fight.



I experienced this glitch to not just with the handguns but with the other guns and weapons to especially in combat

No I mentioned this on another unrelated post actually. Very weird as in the inventory it shows as equipped, but on the hud in-game it shows nothing there right? I had to drop the handgun to fix it after already getting rid of my other handgun :frowning:. Did you also get the always sprinting and not being able to crouch bug with the gun? Horribly annoying!

Yea really annoying. It only happens when I go into combat with the robots.

Remove the gun from your weapon slot into your inventory and back to its slot and it’ll work again. It’s an annoying glitch, especially when you’re trying to switch weapons in a fight.

It began with the sidearm when I had level mods on it, and then it bugged out and was replaced instantly by another sidearm I found. It then escalated to my main weapon in slot 2, and will appear invisible in the HUD.

A word of caution, if your gun is invisible in the HUD, do NOT pick up another weapon as that is when the game instantly assigns your new weapon to that slot, with respect to it either being a main or sidearm. What @Crunchmeister suggested is the way to go.


When you don’t remove the Weapon from the Secondary weapon slot and loot another Handgun it will be replaced completely… the Ammo is gone, and the attachments. Sadly had to experience that…

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I had this happen. I had a special Klauke with all special and exceptional mods. Found a special Moller PP in a crate. Asked my friends playing with me if anyone wanted it, and one did. I picked it up to drop it for them, but picking it up put it in my Slot 3 and my fully loaded Klauke disappeared without a trace. That was a major pain in the ass to say the least.

I’ve since found another special Klauke, but have found zero mods for it in several hours of gameplay since.

So that’s what happened… nice. Few days ago I submitted a bug report showing this, currently have two .32 hidden/bugged a .9mm and a .44.

I can load all of them and pick up tons of ammunition for these ‘invisible guns’

In the bug report only thing I mentioned was I grabbed a gun off the bed when it happened, and it only happens when I pick up sidearms that ARE NOT in a box.

Cool, so it seems like this should be fixed pretty easily. Just hope they disappear completely as of now I can load any of them with ammunition.

I now manually move ammunition into the correct gun and don’t use the “quick move” easy work around. Don’t mind.

Wish we had moderators to combine these reports into one. Plus this post is in feedback and request. It needs moved into bug reports

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