More invatory for the storage boxes


I would think if the storage boxes had a max of at least 200 or maybe 250 that would be great as i am having to use unused characters as storage at the moment. i do not if others feel the same way but i would love to see a upgrade to the storage.


Hey @ThatRobotHunter welcome to the forums dude! So the discussion on storage and inventories has been a long one now, and thankfully it sounds like the devs have been looking into it! So we might see it as an expansion to the plundra like you’re saying or something entirely different, definitely keep your eyes on the patch notes as they come out this year as i have a feeling we’ll see improvements sometime in the near future. :smiley:


While the devs are planning to redesign the inventory GUI, Plundra itself (storage box), won’t get it’s capacity increased. 100 slots is enough. Also, you don’t need to be hoarder in the game for the need to have it’s capacity increased. If you find better gear, drop the weaker gear.

Btw, in the beginning, there was no Plundra whatsoever. Did that stop us playing? No, it did not. I finished the entire vanilla game without Plundra, Experimental Weapons, Bikes and Machine Loot.
Early days were good. Now, it’s too easy.


Yes, I’d rather they fix the plundra interface first and then investigate if people actually need more space. I dont think it needs an increase. I just like being able to store some of the weapons I’m not using at the moment.


I don’t see any issues if they decide to increase storage capacity, I’d welcome it. I mean, what’s it to you if you don’t need more space? I don’t need more inventory space currently, but I’d like it anyway. Also, as the game evolves, I would guess they may introduce new weapons and items as well which may very well push the inventory “requirements” up.


Are you one of the developers? If not, absolute statements like this can’t be made by you, just because you feel it’s enough for you. Is 100 slots set in stone? Why 100? Why not 25? Why not 50? Or 200? Even if the devs themselves may have said something about this at one point in time, things change.

Yes please!


Not to forget the 100+ blockade since the last update which left Plundra as unusable for people who had more than 100 slots occupied due to the fact that weapons with attachments count more than 2 slots in the Plundra…

Edit: P.S.: imho the easiest temporary solution for that problem would be an increase to about 200 slots…


The Plundra has had it’s fair share of critique. I hope everyone takes a second to appreciate how useful it really is, despite it’s faults. That’s 100 items you’d otherwise have to leave on the ground. I remember well how it was before we got the Plundra. That box was a game changer.
Yes, the interface needs a real makeover.
Yes, it could be bigger.
Yes, it would probably be better if attachments counted as part of the stashed weapon.

But hey, at least it’s something rather than nothing, right?


I have all level 5 weapons as well as all experimentals and they all fit the quota of my storage space and my personal inventory. Space isn’t necessarily needed in regards to me but others love to stockpile and I’d say it never hurts to come prepared. Plus later on down the line collectors will enjoy the extra space. I’d say add it in if they bring more content. Right now the priority is fixing the game so it’s reliable and stable. I just hope they fix the primary issues. Stalemate on progress beings the game is broken and all. I guess we just have to wait and see.


I’m not saying that I wouldn’t use it if they gave it to us. My Plundra is full right now but it’s probably mostly things that I don’t use or need so many of. If they tweaked the interface and made it easier to sort through I might be able to clear out some unneeded items and free up some space.

true but in the beginning, we also did not have to wait 4 hours for loot to respawn, could pick up pre-placed items like health packs multiple times and had the ability to drop items before swapping characters to pick them back up.


I have 3 characters, the one I play with, and two lvl.1 characters for holding extra gear.
Nr.2 holds my excess weapons.
Nr. 3 holds my excess attachments.
I use the Plundra for ammo and medkits.

I’m not bothered by spending 3-5 minutes once in a while to trade gear between character 1, 2 and 3. But of course, it would be easier if it all fit in the box…


That’s the thing with capacity increase, hoarders will never be happy, be it 200, 250, 500, 1000 etc, until Plundra has unlimited storage.

One char has 50 slot inventory (when Carry Capacity is lvl2) and Plundra being double of that (100) is well balanced. Due to that, i don’t see any need whatsoever to increase Plundra’s capacity. GZ isn’t hoarding game like e.g Rust, DayZ or 7 Days to Die are.

Also, once the Plundra bug get’s fixed, you can fit every 5* weapon and their 6* counterpart inside Plundra, leaving some space free.
Currently, there are 14x vanilla weapons + 2x LMGs in game. That’s 16x weapons and if experimentals are also counted, toll gets to 32x. Each weapon takes 2x slots in Plundra, making 64x slots taken, leaving 36x slots free for other stuff.


If we get 200 a few months later well be asking for 300


I appreciate what you have to say about what i posted, and i know what you get by constantly asking for more and more space. thank you for giving me your opinion.


I went from being full to using 83 slots so this update did give more inventory space to the Plundra


Well, i went from 195/100 to 93/100. :grin:

Also, thanks to my bug report, it did got fixed,
my topic: BUG: Storage box counts weapon attachments equipped to weapons

Now, i can put stuff back into Plundra and use it again. :smiley:


In the beginning we used the 2nd, 3rd, 4th char as a mule to store all the items, cause it was possible to swap items from one char to another by putting them on the ground and the switching to the other char and picking them up again.

An increase of the plundra size is needed badly imo.


And now, you can put items into Plundra with 1st char and pick them up with 2nd, 3rd or 4th char. No diff whatsoever, except that you have extra 100 slots of storage and if game crashes during transaction, you won’t be loosing the gear. Back then, if game crashed during transaction, everything you dropped to the ground was lost.

Also, back then, we had 200 slot storage (50 slot per char times 4x chars), but now, we have 300 slot storage (extra 100 from Plundra).

Like i said above, there is no need to increase already well balanced Plundra’s capacity.


Maybe we need to start a hoarder self help class.,cuz I’m cursed with the affliction myself. Don’t know what it is about this game but I don’t want to throw away anything. Always feel like I’ll have a plan for the items later but I rarely do. I have too much stuff and want more stuff.


I always don’t have enough space in my chest i don’t know about you guys but i don’t at least add upgrades or something idk but please.I have so many ideas for my favourite game but i have to find them by playing.
From Andy


Excuse me, with all due respect… how on Earth did you manage to fill your stash box? O_O