More invatory for the storage boxes

I’m not saying that I wouldn’t use it if they gave it to us. My Plundra is full right now but it’s probably mostly things that I don’t use or need so many of. If they tweaked the interface and made it easier to sort through I might be able to clear out some unneeded items and free up some space.

true but in the beginning, we also did not have to wait 4 hours for loot to respawn, could pick up pre-placed items like health packs multiple times and had the ability to drop items before swapping characters to pick them back up.


I have 3 characters, the one I play with, and two lvl.1 characters for holding extra gear.
Nr.2 holds my excess weapons.
Nr. 3 holds my excess attachments.
I use the Plundra for ammo and medkits.

I’m not bothered by spending 3-5 minutes once in a while to trade gear between character 1, 2 and 3. But of course, it would be easier if it all fit in the box…

That’s the thing with capacity increase, hoarders will never be happy, be it 200, 250, 500, 1000 etc, until Plundra has unlimited storage.

One char has 50 slot inventory (when Carry Capacity is lvl2) and Plundra being double of that (100) is well balanced. Due to that, i don’t see any need whatsoever to increase Plundra’s capacity. GZ isn’t hoarding game like e.g Rust, DayZ or 7 Days to Die are.

Also, once the Plundra bug get’s fixed, you can fit every 5* weapon and their 6* counterpart inside Plundra, leaving some space free.
Currently, there are 14x vanilla weapons + 2x LMGs in game. That’s 16x weapons and if experimentals are also counted, toll gets to 32x. Each weapon takes 2x slots in Plundra, making 64x slots taken, leaving 36x slots free for other stuff.


If we get 200 a few months later well be asking for 300

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I appreciate what you have to say about what i posted, and i know what you get by constantly asking for more and more space. thank you for giving me your opinion.


I went from being full to using 83 slots so this update did give more inventory space to the Plundra


Well, i went from 195/100 to 93/100. :grin:

Also, thanks to my bug report, it did got fixed,
my topic: BUG: Storage box counts weapon attachments equipped to weapons

Now, i can put stuff back into Plundra and use it again. :smiley:


In the beginning we used the 2nd, 3rd, 4th char as a mule to store all the items, cause it was possible to swap items from one char to another by putting them on the ground and the switching to the other char and picking them up again.

An increase of the plundra size is needed badly imo.

And now, you can put items into Plundra with 1st char and pick them up with 2nd, 3rd or 4th char. No diff whatsoever, except that you have extra 100 slots of storage and if game crashes during transaction, you won’t be loosing the gear. Back then, if game crashed during transaction, everything you dropped to the ground was lost.

Also, back then, we had 200 slot storage (50 slot per char times 4x chars), but now, we have 300 slot storage (extra 100 from Plundra).

Like i said above, there is no need to increase already well balanced Plundra’s capacity.

Maybe we need to start a hoarder self help class.,cuz I’m cursed with the affliction myself. Don’t know what it is about this game but I don’t want to throw away anything. Always feel like I’ll have a plan for the items later but I rarely do. I have too much stuff and want more stuff.

I always don’t have enough space in my chest i don’t know about you guys but i don’t at least add upgrades or something idk but please.I have so many ideas for my favourite game but i have to find them by playing.
From Andy


Excuse me, with all due respect… how on Earth did you manage to fill your stash box? O_O


That´s enough space for all sorry, you must not ALL loot


LOL @Buzderandy, imagine how it was before the Plundra was introduced to GZ :wink:

Quite easy… if you’ll put inside EVERYTHING you could find :laughing:
Mine is filled 100% with 5,56 AP, 7,62 AP and .50 FMJ :wink:

@Buzderandy, if you think, that what you have in your Plundra is really necessary then create another character, and put that stuff in his/hers inventory.


@Buzderandy, i’m a little bothered by this request… GZ really isn’t the game where you should be looting everything you find and attempting to keep all of it, it originally did not have any storage space at all besides your characters inventory. I think the addition of storage space was a good change, however having infinite space seems very unreasonable and lazy like. It takes away from having to somewhat prioritize your loot, which definitely is part of the game and has been since the beginning. The additional storage space that we were given definitely loosened up that aspect of the game. This is something @0L0 and @Scorpion197412 both touched on, that you should not be looting everything you find.

The only counterargument I see to this was if Avalanche added crafting into the game, and made one of the items that you can craft to be for more storage space. Then maybe you could craft as many of those as you want to so you have lots of space. At that point though, you completely change the aspect of looting priorities because you know you could keep everything… so it isn’t a good argument either.

The last comment I have is that you didn’t give any reasonings for this request in your post, and I believe that is because there aren’t any good reasons. Would you mind updating it with what your ideas are?



I wonder though, is that the intention behind the Plundra?
If so, I missed that one…

I miss that…
The need for thinking what to take, what not…
I loved that.


@Buzderandy if i had an unlimited plundra there would be no need to leave and loot , and then your game slows to a crawl ’ due to a bazzillion items being scrolled through :rofl: i think @boston_51 hits the sweet spot with the Plundra and crafting , and then we would have a crafting inventory along side the normal 100 Generous capacity we are currently grateful for , Aye you all be good cheers :+1:


The Plundra also unbalanced the game a tad further than it was…
And made the game too easy on the brain… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree Xoggy and not agree :+1: , you see we have choice pal ’ to use ’ Or ’ not to use ’ … Mines full off big red bombs and more big red bombs :rofl: Oh well fill it with cakes then and pass em round till next national sweden cake day , come on pal av yer cake and eat it :joy::grin:

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Would you agree if I disagreed on your disagreement?


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