more than 100 hours wasted

first I wanted to say how disappointed I am with this game because I was playing with a friend of mine and when I went to close the game it gave a bug that I tried to do everything your site said to do and nothing worked , even I realized that it was in my save that by chance it was lost, I had 110 hours of game played that was simply lost because of an error that the community reported and you didn’t do anything. something with these bugs that the community is reporting so that what happened to me to lose all the save for more than 100 hours doesn’t happen. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

What was the error that the community reported - what caused your game to crash? You need to provide much more detail for anyone to be able to act on this. :grimacing:

That being said, I’m also a bit shocked that permanent savegame corruption can still occur, and I reported just such an issue yesterday. However, fixing bugs may take some time, so under alle circumstances, it’s still a good idea to manually backup your savegame once in a while.