Motorbikes DLC - feedback/discussion

I wondered that there wasn’t a new topic for the dlc, so I made one.

What do you think of them?
I really like them. I prefer the resistance bike because of its look. But if you want a faster one or one with a better handling when climbing hills or driving downhill, choose another.

@tene made a nice video for comparison:

And here is one I made to show that finally the jump at Alby church now is possible with at least the bike with the highest acceleration.

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I like them a lot, but fuel consumption is as ridiculously high as in every other game like this.

I also like them a lot. When needing to destroy a FNIX base or chase down a fast moving rival that is moving faster than I can run, they are the new form of attacking them. They also come in handy for when over looting and get to fat to fast travel back to a safe house to dump the extra loot. Fuel and repair kits are easily crafted and don’t mind cutting back on a few rounds of ammo for the extra speed and maneuverability of a motor bike. I am happy I paid to get them in my collection and would do it again for upgrades to them…like a side car with weapon mount for the passenger.

Good initiative.

I am too a big fan of the motorbikes. Now that the content is out we can finally talk
about it openly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Each of them has different function, which works fine. That includes the default Tuned Moped, which is a good alternative to the bicycle.

Fuel consumption could be improved, I agree. It feels mostly as a case of balancing but if it becomes annoying I’d rather see it adjusted as a QoL improvement. I’m thinking, fuel consumption could be different based on the bike used. Feels like that makes the most sense.

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Love the new motorbikes, but they are a touch loud imo, I have also been collecting what I assume is weapon skins from enemies, but can do nothing with these I assume that will be added in full at a later date, good move with the bikes though, makes exploring around a bit more fun!

The skins can only be applied to certain weapons. The Magnus, AG 4 and 5, pump shotgun, and Kpist.

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Are there some crazy things you did with the motorbikes like monsterjumps, driving the parcour at Alby church, climbing mountains or something else?

Did you find some new ways to play the game?

We, for example, thought it would be a cool idea to lure enemies with it and blow them up.
My friend, the driver, sticked explosives at the bike. I sticked a sticky flare at it.
Then he drove the motorbike along some hunters, lured them away, rided directly to a harvester and jumped off. Then he ran and triggered the explosives. How great that looked.

Sadly I forgot to capture it.

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I like them quite a bit, just would be nice if there was a confirm message when repairing, as I’ve wasted a repair kit on a 99% motorcycle a couple of times now, when trying to get on it. Either that or you can’t repair unless you’re holding the repair kit in hand. That might be a better option. Something to keep from using a repair kit when you don’t mean to on a vehicle that’s only slightly damaged.

In my opinion my order of favorites from left to right goes motorcycle, dirt bike, moped, and resistance bike. The resistance bike has such bad handling it’s not worth using.

I agree.
I once picked up my 5 repairkits from the plundra and drove from ringfort to where the delorean is.
Some times I fell off the bike when trying to move around all the hunters.
But when I really needed a repairkit because the bike was broken, they were empty.

If it’s not broken to 0 there should be a confirmation for repair.

Love the motor bikes and was using them to get closer to a reaper sooner and can travel faster back to safe house if get to fat from looting. Same goes for exploring, or going after new fnix bases and new rivals. But it doesn’t take long and the game crashes. My reaper fight crashed after a few minutes both solo and co-op with me the host. After trying 4 or 5 times to destroy a reaper and get to it via motor bike I gave up the bike and tried just to run to the reaper. I destroyed it solo and in no great hurry. While fighting him had two firebirds also come to the party and took them out too. Over an hour of play with no crashes. This leads me to believe there is an issue with the motor bikes causing a crashing issue. I am on PC. Would love to send in a crash report but we all know that doesn’t work either.
One of the few DLCs I bought and enjoyed using but will not use the motorbike anymore till I see a fix for this.

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Does this happen with the original tuned motorbike, too? Or just with a dlc-bike?

Until now I had no crashes related to using a motorbike on PS5.
@tene, did you have any issues with the motorbikes when creating your video?

Didn’t get to play long today but loaded a saved file from before the update came out. Redid the firebird /location tracker missions. Rode the bike to all the beacons, destroyed the 3 firebirds, the lynx and a wolf. All went well. I hope the crashing issue has been tweaked out with the motor bikes if they were ever cause of the crashing. I even tried two different motor bikes and no matter what I did the game stayed running. Back to lovin the game!

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I think the Bike DLC is well worth it, just for fun (and especially if you can get it for a discount at some point).

My clear favorite is the “Lodjur” dirt bike. I feel this has the best overall potential with:

  • 2nd highest top speed
  • Decent fuel consumption
  • Very good maneuverability
  • Excellent off-road capability

Only minus is “health” - but I don’t feel this is a big issue at all, since at the moment you’re not driving your bike into combat - maybe this will change.


I like the “Lodjur” Dirt bike the most, due to it works good on roads and, off roads and pretty good in terrain.

However i can’t help but think a Bike were missing in the Bike DLC Pack <.<;
One with a side car for a co-op partner to ride in and Shooting from, scouting with binoculars or being AFK while getting a ride.

The one that i found looks very much like the Väktare

I only have a small annoyance with the bikes multi-parts
which is the amount of times I’ve accidentally repaired a minor 1-4% damage <.<;
when my bike had tumbled over and laying on it’s side when i wanted to get back on it again…

I wonder if it would not be better if the Interact keybind for the Repair component were R for Repair (the keybind for “Reload”) instead?
and looking at the Controller controls X is used for both… <.<

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Or square for Playstation.
I could be ok with pushing the button for using the motorbike and holding for repair or refuel.
That way it shouldn’t happen as often accidently.

But I don’t know what to do with those who activated the option for always hold square (E, X) to interact.

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Could be the bike needs to go back to the bike station for repairs and do away with the tool kits all together.

The other day I rode my motor bike to the battle zone of a reaper. Fought with the reaper awhile and wanted to bike over to another angle quickly. I sprinted to the bike and “kicked” it. It went flying through the air and landed near the reaper. When the reaper turned away I sprinted to it and it was at 0%. And used my last tool kit just trying to get on the bike. I died!

For PC Holding E were the default for all interactions, Opening doors, looting, picking up things etc
It wasn’t too long after i started playing, that i looked for an option to change into a Press instead of Holding (as I’m used to “Use” being a press, back to it were either the Up arrow or Space-bar)

We are technically holding E while refilling the fuel tank ^.~

While it could work by Holding “Use” to repair
I think it would work better that way if the repair kits had a 100% repair charge
But i still think it’s better it is just another Button.
Probably the “swap weapon” for consoles, i doubt many use that button while looking at a Bike.

It could probably be an option in settings?:
(Maybe with an opntion to change the key-bind as well?)
Press “X” to Repair*
Hold “X” to Repair*
Your Bike, Base Structure, Who knows maybe a Companion Runner?

I do like the Idea of the Repair Kit.
However having the option to repair the Bike at the Vehicle Station Maybe refuel it too, would be great options to have.
Also if you could see the Durability of your Bike as well as current Fuel.

I’ve used my Bike to lure a Rival away that we were not going for, the Horn worked surprisingly well to pull aggro XD

and once to pull the Reaper to a planed fighting spot
my Bike survived the trip but not the fight, I’m not sure how it got wreaked…

I also happened to drive over a Tick, which did 90 damage to me and Trashed by bike <.<
when the went to the Fnix outpost on the north hill in south coast.

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Yeah, the motor bikes are finally a useful tool in the game. Does anyone still ride the bikes?

There are aspects of the bike that I enjoy and ones I don’t.


  • They’re fun


  • Don’t slip when they lack traction, they just lose revs, which makes them feel weak. Starting uphill is just so frustrating
  • Limited utility
  • Don’t encourage cooperation (Cars/ EPA tractors/ combat vehicles would be better)
  • You just buy them and they’re there. I’d prefer to complete quests to unlock them one at a time
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