Mouse working in menu but not in-game



Tried everything that is said here. Pretty weird problem this everything is up to date and nothing still is working…


Tried disconnecting everything but it still doesnt work. I dont think its related to the mouse.
Has anyone else tried a controller and still had the problem?


Currently having the same issue. Sitting on my laptop since I don’t have access to my main rig, HP Zbook G4 15u. Tried my corsair mouse, the trackpad and the nub. So far no luck whatsoever.


Same here. Tried changing resolution/display mode, connect/disconnect wired/less mouse - nothing helped.
I’ve also tried using gamepad - same thing, I can navigate menus/walk with my left stick, but right stick doesn’t do anything ingame…


I’ve got the same problem my mouse has no drivers video of glitch


I have the same problem, I’m using a Logitech RX 250 which has no drivers of its own


Same here. The drivers are up to date too. The game must be thinking that I’m using a controller since it asks me to use left joystick to move …


Same here. All drivers up to date also.


i have the same problem.


I also have the same problems, I tried restarting my pc, verify the game files, change pretty much every setting, tried connecting controller (same there, can move but not look around).
My specs:

Mouse: Turtle beach grip 300
Intel® Core™ i5-4210H CPU @ 2.90GHz
RAM 8,00 GB
Windows 10 Home


Having the same issues.
Even tried with controller but that doesn’t work either.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Nvidia 960 2gb
16gb ram
Windows 10

Tried to run on both mechanical HDD and same SSD as my OS.


I’m having the same, mouse works in menu but I can’t look around, same with controller.



Same issue in both single and multi, but the other players can look around.


We have a theory, but we would need help to verify it. :nerd_face:

EDIT: We have received enough DXDIAGs for now. If more will be needed I will edit this post again.

If you are experiencing the issue where you can’t use mouse or stick to look around we would be very grateful if you could send us your DXDIAG.

How to run DirectX Diagnostic Tool:

  1. Search windows for dxdiag
  2. Run command
  3. Select Save All Information

Subject: Look around input issue
Attach your: DxDiag.txt

:grey_exclamation: Please note that the diagnosis will contain information about your system that could be considered personal (ex your computer name). By sending this to us you agree to sharing the information with us. We will NOT save anything once we have analyzed and verified the information we need.


do i have to be running the game while I run this


No, running the game is not necessary. :slight_smile:


Email has been sent.


Do you have any fixes yet? I really want to play this.


I had the same problem, the mouse works in the menu and on the map, and does not work when walking. I connected the controller - the right stick does not work either.


email sent hopefully this helps you