Mouse working in menu but not in-game



Another email sent to you guys. Hopefully it helps x)


me tooo~ send an email…


come on boys please fix it


DxDiag sent. Keep up the hard work Devs. :slight_smile:


Another one lol. Movement is fine mouse just doesnt want to wake up lol


not working maus in game


I sent mine. hope it helps


I sent my DxDiag… Please fix it … :confused:


please do something please


Silly question, by any chance this could be linked to peoples OS? I run Win 7 and it sometimes causes hic-cups with a game or two. Unlike my friends with Win 10, who don’t have those issues.

I take back my question. I re read all the posts and saw the OP was using Win 10. Sorry about that. LOL


will there be a bugfix before the end of beta? because then it is impossible to test the game at all


Kimichi is working his hardest in the shadows


Email send it with DxDiag.


My mouse still don`t work((


Be paceint Kimichi is working hard


Yeah!! This is why we have Betas! I think we should give a shout out to Kimichi for being dedicated AF and loving us all lol


Kimchi, any news related with the mouse problem ?


have the same problem did send DxDiag.txt too hope it will help


Thank you so much for helping us track this issue! :bug:

We now have enough dxdiag and the devs are analyzing the issue. I am sorry can’t provide a solution just yet.

If anyone finds a temporary workaround, please share.


I cant look with my character. Can only move but look left and right and up and Down is not working

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