Mouse working in menu but not in-game



Update please! I know it’s just a BETA but come on!


I’m having the same problem and It’s so frustrating cuz the game looks so good.



I just finished installing game. Problem is that in game meniu mouse is working, but inside game it is not working, I cannot move my vision in any direction. I tried searching for this problem on google, but did not find any information, my other steam games work fine, I never had like this problem. I tried to unplug and plug back mouse, I even tried to switch usb place. and yes I checked in my steam game files integrity.

I tested this in multiplayer and single player.

I tested in 3 plays match and single player.


Any potential hotfix for the beta?


This is a beta, not the official game, we are here to report bugs. Please be patient. Thank you.


I was really excited to play this game. Sadly i got this gamebreaking bug my first time starting it.


Please we all know that this is not a “new-issue” its been reported a lot and this thread has 108 comments can we at least have some kind of news on how far we are with a fix for the glitch :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


As I said earlier, we should not expect a beta with no bugs. We are here to report bugs. Please be patient, thank you.


It happened to me, the first thing I thought was to try to control it, but it did not work, the camera was still locked, did somebody decide?


People. you have to come down a bit. what should the dev’s do? they are working on a bug fix


I have the problem too…


Yeah. They shouldn’t be like “STOP TAKING SO LONG YOU LAZY DEVS!!!” The more people yell at them to fix it the longer they take.


Same problem here! I just installed the game and found this bug.

Platform: PC

Description: My mouse is stuck, but I can still move with the keyboard. Mouse works perfectly in menus.

Specifications: i3-4170, GTX 960, 8GB DDR3, Mouse HyperX Pulsefire FPS


same here ! took one day to download full game and mouse does not work


could it be usb ports 2.0 and 3.0 which is the problem as spoken to a few people and they use ports 3.0 and it works fine


I’ve just plugged my mouse into a usb 3.0 port. but the problem persists


damn trying to think of everything, other than that it could be a coding issue one their behalf?. it could be something simple that they wouldn’t look twice at that could be the problem?


If there will be no fix by tonight I will factory reset my whole PC and if it doesn’t help then I have no idea what to do so please try your hardest to fix this glitch :skull_and_crossbones:


As our mouses works fine in any other games, it means that problem is on game side. Not ours.
So only option what we got - is just wait for any info/reply/hotfix from dev team


I do not think we can expect a bugfix today.